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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

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The Amazing Dance of Winning

From a Taoist perspective, a winner is one who, paradoxically, lets go of the NEED to win and, in the process becomes victorious. Ancient wisdom encourages you to focus on the dance and be the best dancer you can be at any particular moment. The true rewards come from how you exhibit EXCELLENCE through the process and detaching from the outcome.

Attachments to outcomes can diminish your strength and power. It detracts rather than attracts. There is an energetic force that is negative when you obsess over having to win or you strive to hard at something. We can not always be the best at everything even if we are amazing at somethings. When you have to win anxiety and tension flourish and can interfere. Muscles become less tight and not fluid. By being more in the dance of the moment you neutralize anxiety and raise your energetic level. This is when you become a magnet for positive energy and outcomes. People are attracted to this energy. You may experience more people wanting to be in your presence.

You don't want to think like this, "I must win" or even "I may not win", but rather "I will approach this as I am the best and at what I am doing so I will do it with more grace and ease. This is how champions achieve that place they call the zone. All the dots become a synergy and what they dream of happens in that moment, a positive outcome. Sometimes so much greater than they could of imagined!" You are in the mindset of just doing what you do and well. Everything flows and all ducks fall in a row.

Winning does not make you a better human being. In fact, it can make you a worse human being. Staying centered and in a meditative state that has you in the zone of what you are doing leads to a relaxed body mind and spirt. It's a moving meditation to be actively in a zone where you feel the oneness with your own breath and the forces of nature. This is the state champions are often in before the big WIN! This is when cortisol is in check, when the right hormones are flowing and when you become a smooth operator. It is when you are trying to hoard being the best and become greedy about success that you become less of the center of attention leads and less desirable. Your efforts become narcissistic or egotistical leading to a much smaller fan club. People can sense that people are coming from an inflated ego versus a calm centered place.

Pay attention to what in your life leads you to heavy losses. Excessiveness leads to disaster, fatigue, illness, injury and burn out. It is the path of self destruction. People sell their souls just to win and be the best. (look at the amount of things people & do to stay on top - excessive surgery, over sexual photos, steroids, harmful gossip to knock someone out or down and more). They have no regard for who they stomp on. These are the people who karma will serve in time. You do things with integrity, gratitude and respect than that is what you get in return. Maybe not always, but your karma also will come back around at some point making those set backs appear minor. There is no job placement that determines your win. Success is greatly measured by how you feel inside and what it leads to. It's so much more about the steps up to the success and how well you handled those. Think about all the obstacles people have encountered right before a big win. They appreciate it so much more! Your character is defined at times you are not on top. The times you fail or lose. It's how you get back up. It's what you say about your opponents when you feel threatened. That they could win or do better than you at something. Your reaction says a lot about your mindset and how developed you are mentally and spiritually as an athlete, as a human being. It also shows a level of compassion for all. How you handle the failure of another or frustration shows how kind you are. Winners who shake the hands of their opponents after and give them a nice hug, not a fake hug, but a real one are those that stand out in our minds as good people.

We have this idea there is no room for second. "You don't win Silver, you lose Gold!" Not winning, can rob your soul if you let it. So let go of the rigid need to win and center your mind on embracing each moment. I know many who do well at something and they get greedy. You know the gambling table and how they say, take your wins and run rather than keep trying to win until you lose. It's hard to step away from the high of success, but a stable mind knows sometimes it is a wise move to do so.

Negative thoughts will cause you to self-destruct, fail and are entirely unproductive. Have you ever stopped to ask, how is this serving me? To do this very thing that I see as creating a win for me? Selling your soul and harming anyone for the sake of being the best at anything just to gain a false sense of power is common. You see it everyday. Good leaders, true winners, carry you with them on the road to success. They know service is a part of winning. Take time while being on top to seize the opportunity you have to grown internally and to make friends along the way with your calm, centered and helpful demeanor. This is when the lense begins to focus and you gain your footing so that you not only dance, but can fly and have many by your side.

Victory is just another illusion of happiness that rarely fulfills promise. It also comes more rarely than more often. Eventually, you will lose. Your greatest triumphs are often the by-products of how you handled the goal. How much you enjoy the process reveals your level of mental mastery. Mastery is what athletes strive for and there really is no end to it. You gain and lose it all the time!

Anything in excess that is not healthy is a cancer of the soul. Too much force is far from your nature....so sometimes it's not more training or more wins or successes, but it's more about the work hard play hard thinking. When you worked hard you also took time to stop and pay attention to those in the framework around you as well. The tango requires more than just one. Create your wins with an undeniable synchronicity and play of energy that fuses your soul with the souls of others.

When you are ready to really achieve a higher state when it comes to a goal, you are willing to let go attachments, stop gripping and accept what you must do. Supportive loving energy is so much higher and greater than self serving energy. The more you DROP IN and DIP below the surface that is when the magic of grace & synchronicity join you. And when they do you will feel like you are being carried by great wings and a power much greater than you are....learn to practice flowing through life as if it were a dance and just do your best to dance well!

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