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Are You Afraid of Your Own Flaws?

The other day I read an article by Deepak Chopra's daughter. Deepak's daughter shared how it was her father who taught her how to meditate. She became a well-known speaker on wellness. Feeling like a fraud, she turned within. It spontaneously helped her come to a very profound place in her life. The answers were right there in the silence floating on top of her breath. This is the place she realized her personal truth.... "I am flawed!" The gift is that now she could stop the facade of acting as if she was not.

This message will resonate with me probably for the rest of my life. The reason is because of how it was authentically written. It was not what I was expecting to read. It was about FLAWS that she and her father had and their own personal battles with them. Being a spiritual teacher there is a lot of pressure to portray yourself as flawless. How about try being a PARENT? We are supposed to be superhero's to our kids and clients. God forbid if we screw that up, we just messed up someone else grand plan and that is a lot of weight to bear.

I personally have felt the pressure to measure up in my daily life. In fact, this has been the theme of my whole life. I have spent enormous time, money and energy trying to perfect my behaviors, looks and lifestyle. I have used various vehicles to do it as a mother, a career woman, wife, on stage and within my own family.

The greatest place where I have tested the waters is within my own classroom. I am the teacher. I get to play teacher, when many times I was truly still a student, just winging it. It was control issues that had me teaching at first. It was later I discovered I was out of control. I learned to evolve into teaching from a truly nurturing and authetic place. I had role models who were the "real deal". I learned the difference. I didn't have to put on a show or try so hard. I had to come from a place of passion and truth. I had to teach what I know.

I like many of you, have tried my best to measure up, and often failed. When I am teaching from the place I do now, I have a more powerful presence because I have achieved the things I teach now. I have been an example. My teachings in the fitness classroom are much more than just physical. I tap into the mind and the spiritual journey it takes to achieve your goals. The intensity it takes to get to the finish line.

My class has a great impact on my students, when I am not acting, I am being real. I am teaching from in the inside out. I can't be in an environment that expects me to operate otherwise. It won't work with who I am. I am teaching from a real position of power, through my heart! It is like I am channeling and the information just flows. The reaction of the students tells all. There is an undeniable synergy! When I am not in this place, it's my very own students who also see through me. They just don't fall in love with what I am offering. Have you ever walked in a party and been able to tell who the shallow people are in the room? It's not usually because of what they are wearing. It's how they are "acting"! When we are not authentic people sense it. It's an animal instinct. We go into distrust and we feel disconnected. We start to chatter about the person in the room, our fear starts talking. Gossiping is a very negative energy loaded with fear.

What I loved about what Deepak's daughter wrote is how her father was not always who he is today. He had her as a child go and get him coke. He didn't want anyone to see he loved coke despite all the preaching about holistic living! I loved how she spoke about the pressure she lived with being his daughter and trying to measure up.

I have been a yoga teacher for many years. I remember dating a guy once who was shocked when I lost my temper once. He said to me, "YOU ARE A YOGA TEACHER!" and my answer was, "yeah so what? That doesn't mean I lack an emotions. I think that comment even made me even more angry! It's amazing how we have these perceptions about forms of what things should look like. We stereotype. It's time we expand our view. This is a progressive time where we no longer fit molds like we used to. The truth is we come in many forms.

This should be seen as a beautiful free flowing creative thing that our times now offer! Imagine coming from a place where it's our heart and inner compass defining us versus what we should do or what we feel is "right" to do. And by whose standards? We can make the choice to express our humanity in our own way.

When we let go of the pleaser that lives in many of us, we learn that it's okay to be who we are. If we don't we miss out on reaching our personal pinnacles. Our thoughts, emotions and lives must not be dictated by our parents, friends or partners. We have to be the one driving our inner bus and get to know what is unconscious in us and bring it to consciousness so it can be healed. We have to do it in a way that is fearless. By being true to ourselves we can stay on the path of our goals with conviction. We develop the fortitude we need to achieve great things this lifetime. When we are not in a strong place within ourselves we risk being manipulated by what others want from us and what society thinks we should be like in order to fit into the "norm"! How boring is that!

The desire to be flawless in extreme cases can become a sickness. It's important we don't get too far off from our inner axis. We have to remain aware of why we want something so badly that we will compromise our health, even take a drug to achieve it? This is a sad truth about the dangerous measures many will take. We have to find our way back home. This requires some introspection and quiet time to realign ourselves with our true essence & core values.

The most important thing we can do is sit in a quiet place and get clear. We may need a therapist or a coach to guide us a bit to ask the right questions, but overall that silence and inward opportunity is where the answers lie. It's a very sacred place that we can go to at anytime.

What would happen if you took off the mask and started being true to who you really are? Make time to reflect on this very profound thought. Start with some deep breathing and begin to quiet your mind. Who do you find? Who is really in there? Is fear stopping you from facing you? What are you afraid of, it's only you in there right? So let go of all your self judgements and start showing the world your flaws! If you want people to love you allow them to embrace the total package...Now how about that for some food for thought!

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