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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

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Go In & In To Find Your True Mental Strength

A mindset of success is not handed to you nor do most have it naturally. In fact, mental training is required for most athletes and why the need for Sports Psychology. The most important thing about achieving mental toughness or fortitude is that it can help your with your drive and help you survive.

Mental strength is in those you see who are steady and at ease in life. They have a great sense of balance and control over their personal outcomes. Don't you want to be exceptional when dealing with adversity and obstacles? This is something we can always count on in life. When is there ever an easy way to achieve something great! No matter how talented you might be, learning new mental skills can take your talents to the next level. We may believe we have achieved a level of success, only to learn, “wow, now I am on this level.” There is always even more success to be had. How exciting that is for those of us who believe we can get there!

I watched a show recently called Ninja Warrior. An IFBB Physique Bodybuilding Pro Dana Lynn Bailey entered it. She decided to do something out of her comfort zone. She is one of the most successful athletes in bodybuilding. She did not have to do this, but she did. She did not finish the obstacle course, but it was a great effort and idea she had to try! She worked hard prepare, challenging herself to reach new levels of conditioning that would propel her into a new sport. Which in turn, did bring her body and mind to new heights. It's not always about winning; sometimes it’s about not being the best at everything. We have to be great sports about our outcomes. This is when you really see what people are made of. We see the truth of who they are by how they handle defeat? Winning attitudes are those who will rise to the occasion and try again. They are never beaten down by defeat.

Everyday people have an opportunity to upset or offend us. You have to learn why the things upset you do and how you can change your perspective about it so YOU have more harmony and peace. We all want to be free of drama right? Or do we? The things that trigger us in our daily lives are tests.

We can take this as a gift and see it as an opportunity for an awakening. You can heal the core issue or you can ignore it, yell about it, blame someone and keep operating on the same level with the same issue time and time again. It will keep reoccurring until you decide you want to dissolve it or see it in a new way! You have to face it rather than bury it at some point in your life if it continues to tug at you. Karate woman should not cry on the inside. You have to bring this stuff up to the surface, look at it and deal with it or plan on a repeat performance.

Often it is about, "not feeling loved", "not feeling worthy", feeling abandoned" or things of that nature. There is always a deep underlying sadness, below anger and anxiety. The feeling must live within me to begin with if I can be emotionally charged by something.

Somatic Response Therapy - dealing with how the body relates to thinking and feelings), which deals with the somatic nervous system, is a great tool to transcend negative emotions. Just like bad relationships these are the ties that bind you to drama, doubt and a host of negative stuck emotions.

When we deal with positive emotions we feel energized, positive and passionate about our lives. The negative ones deplete our vital life force and get stuck in our body and mind. Eventually, they cause decay. They affect our health, our relationships and our sense of well-being. When we operate more positively in our life we can channel this energy and fuel our ambitions, and our relationships.

It takes courage to face the unpleasant things. There are great forces within you that keep you from facing the truth because it means you have to be accountable and change. That means work! That means thinking through what you say and do and doing it with precision. This is how you train your mind to focus on the goal and objective. It should always be to reach the pinnacle and to achieve higher states within our lives. These higher states do not always require action, sometimes it’s passive and receptive and it means being still and just listening to and within.

Emotions often fire during times of stress. This is when you see the difference in a champion and a regular athlete. How well they handle the distractions, especially the ones in their own mind. It takes every part of us to change our bad habits and rewire our thought process.

Here is an example of something you can practice:

  1. Close your eyes & surrender to a higher power or simply just let go of anything that distracts your mind.

    Notice what you are feeling. Is it pain, despair, sadness, hopelessness regret, shame, fear, grief or burdened. Identifying and label it then notice where it is in your body by sensing it. Give the feeling that comes up an adjective.

    Do not rush through the feelings. Just allow them to come up and embody you. It may be a bit overwhelming, but rather than run from it, let it clear. Notice when it does and what the next feeling that comes up is.

  2. Clear all the feelings - usually a lot of fear, anxiety and sadness are at the heart of most emotions and once this clears get to a point of peacefulness.

    Ultimately when want to get to a feeling of being centered and find the feeling of love. Self-love & compassion.

Anytime we relax, whether it is through breathing, yoga or just stopping and being mindful of what we are experiencing, we are more open to the truth and less involved in drama of it. We are strong versus victims. I am a firm believer in focusing on the here and now. It makes a lot of sense, since we cannot fix what is broken from yesterday. We have no power to change others, but we do have the power over ourselves to create the peace we crave.

Dissolve the feelings that trigger and distract you again and again and guess what? You, in turn, dissolve dead stuck energy that creates emotional baggage. The ball and chain is in our mind. We can dissolve it in a millisecond with this approach. The strength you have wanted and desired all along is the guru that lies within. Some have recognized this sooner than others. Your inner guru has been longing for you to wake up and pay attention to all the sign posts along the way that say, "Go Within". So if you are truly ready to let your demons go and focus. Go in and in and you will find all the strength & support you need. You will find after that you reach your goals and develop your personal relationship with more grace & ease.

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