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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

She owns and operates:


All of her online services are available worldwide and some are managed in person.

Gratitude Brings Abundance & Complaining Brings Poverty

There is an amazing grace in Gratitude. It is healing force. I have seen how it works miraculously in my life. Giving thanks and appreciation has opened many doors for me. This is not about being fake and acting thankful when you truly are not. I am speaking of a sincere heart-felt focus on gratitude for the things and people in your life that you truly are thankful for. There if a difference. The more you focus on the positive the less weight the negatives have and you never have to compromise your authentic feelings and integrity to practice gratitude. It will instantly take a negative and turn it into a positive.

You are meant to experience life to its fullest potential and have all you want. It is your birthright to be filled with positive feelings. Love, joy, vitality, excitement and abundance are there when we are born. We lose it because we allow our experience to frame our emotions. We think that love is suppose to look and be like this and abundance means that. Rather than honor our higher emotions and spend more time dwelling in the light of them, we choose to focus on the negatives. The angry, bitterness, regrets, hopeless, depressed and joyless emotions that make us feel unfulfilled. The reason is because we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel until we arrive there. Then we have our “aha” moments where there is clarity. We realize that all the bad are a divine orchestration of what was to come.

We can look back at our lives and recognize that so many valuable lessons were learned through our personal growth and development. Some of the let downs made us stronger. Some of the people who hurt us made us wiser. What we learn overtime are the whys and how these experiences shape us. We can choose to ignore all of this and walk blindly through our lives or wake up to the possibilities becoming more mindful of our experiences. The world around us is a rich playful adventure rather than a dark trip through the woods. We do have a choice to broaden our perspective and cultivate a more positive outlook. Choose your medicine or choose your poison. If you choose poison you can’t blame anyone, but yourself. Negativity is nothing but poison for the body, mind and soul. It is the cancer. There is a time when you start to wake up a realize that even though you thought you escaped one situation it is repeating itself again. It can be confusing because you believe you had changed. You believed you escaped yourself once again. But, until you get those glasses on and start reading the sign posts along the way, you will notice that those detours you felt were a part of your bad fortune led you to the path you belong on now. They were telling you something and they may know where you belong better than you do. This is where the GRACE comes in and you must remain steady and at ease with a shift in your position and possibly your plans. So be grateful for them. If you kept winding up on the same road again, even if it looked different at first, just recognize something within you has remained unawakened and unresolved. It takes a little disaster or shaking up to shift some things. That’s why some hot vigorous practices like HOT VINYASA can be good for the body, mind and soul. It ignites the fire and at the same time cools down the heat with SHAVASANA at the end. This all awakens and ignites the spirit within so that you can break down the things within that are distracting you from living your full potential. Whether you do yoga or not, you can appreciate the hard lessons we learn during some of the most challenging times in our life. We get to know our own strength. What we don’t appreciate is when we feel victimized.

No matter what abuse we endure, we also have an option to regain our power and do something great with our lives to serve others or dwell on the experience feeling our life was taken away and we are hopeless. Feelings of depression and defeat leave us in an unproductive dark place. Why would we choose to stay there. We always have the option to climb our way back up. No one gives you the WILL. This is not something you go to OZ or Yoga class to get, this is a decision you make. You decide I am going to have WILL POWER TODAY AND HONOR IT. We feel we have no control over our life and this is the great concept of Surrender. We realize VERY LITTLE IS REALLY UNDER OUR CONTROL, yes really, accept it – not even our own bodies. For a control freak this is as big as a natural disaster. This will awaken and trigger someone trying to control their own grace in a big way. Just the thought of this can create enormous anxiety in those who believe they can manipulate everything around them if they do x, y, z. Can you imagine the drive it takes to be so in control all the time!? So why do we spend so much time trying to control? When really it is in the surrender we accept what is and work with it accordingly. We can allow these experiences to get the best of us or we can grow richer from them. Each one of us determines how rich we want to feel. We can make it an issue of finances or we can find a deep wealth within. That pot of Gold you have been looking for his right there within you. If we put a form on everything and expect things to look like this or that and not as it is or ended up, we risk never being happy. How many things did you plan that didn’t end up or go that way? We have to be thankful for our power of choices when we do have them. When things don’t work out for us there is a lesson to be learned and even our enemies in that moment become our teachers. Rather than beat the teacher down with name calling lift them up and ask yourself, “what did this (BLEEP) teach me?” There is a big lesson in the fact that teacher could get a reaction out of you. Study your reactions to things to really learn where you are at in your own spiritual and personal development. When you come from a place of compassion and love you can hear how other people feel or let them treat you unjust without reacting with emotional drama. You can see when a mistake is made or there is a misunderstanding happens and simply shift gears and move on. It’s when we hang on to it and go on and on and on about it we become victims and lose our sense of gratitude. I always trust when something changes, even if at the moment I wish so badly it didn’t happen, that something new is coming my way that this thing has to be cleared out for. I haven’t been wrong in this assumption yet! You have a choice to look at every moment as a stepping stone, test of your faith and an opportunity to grow stronger, wiser and better. Sometimes others reject you because they see something in you that you may need to look more honestly at yourself. That rejection is teaching you where you put too little or too much energy, where you are still unskilled and need more training, where you are closed and need to be more open. Why would you choose to name call, blame, bitch, complain and be victimized over the power of recognizing the GRACE & HEALING in this opportunity that has presented itself to you. There is always an opportunity in change especially when you welcome it with open arms and have a sense of true appreciation for it. You gain power when you do not let people and situations defeat you, you have to know yourself and your life well, trusting it to be another win for you, even when it looks like a loss! This is real mastery and it does take practice. It is good to meditate, reflect and pray on these things so you stay grounded and remain positive with your perspective.

Do you appreciate where you are today and how much you have grown, evolved and learned? Do you find the laughter and joy even in your own ways and actions throughout the day? Is there a place you brought healing with your words of love, wisdom, compassion and regard? Were you a taker or a giver overall today and yesterday? If you can bring a sense of play into a setting full of people that trigger you even more power to you! During the holidays, we need to have some strategies in place to meet these challenges. We want to come out feeling refreshed and not drained by others. Can you laugh at yourself and the mistakes you made seeing the innocence and destructiveness in them? When you get to a healthy place, you can do all of this with ease. You don’t fall or waiver just because the wind does or people in the room are wacky! When you can walk in and stay in remaining centered you have won the battle within. It’s a great diffuser of anger and pain when you bring stability with your non-reactivity and substitute negative feelings with feelings of love, joy and comfort for yourself and others. Family dramas are a challenge, yes – and I have lived my share of them- but, when you get strong within your core being – there is enough love & acceptance of others to dispel even that negative energy. Learn to take people lightly and focus on their positives, as well. I am sure you can come up with some positive attributes to focus on. Recognize the big tests in life and when you are faced with them do you choose to run or break down barriers with love? I hope you recognize the message I have for you here. Just know that a great healer dwells in you. All of you. You don’t have to go to a healing workshop, meditate, do yoga or be the next Christ or Guru, you just have to do what you are meant to do and that is be you. . Be grateful for those who have loved you unconditionally through your good and bad. We all let each other down, we all disappoint each other at times, but it’s so wonderful when we come to a place of resolution. You must do what you can do to make yourself feel good and value others the way you want to be valued. Because in the mirror you will find the same person you are holding in judgement. Now that the holiday season has begun, take a moment to feel victorious. See sun where there is rain and snow. Maybe it’s because you did not let the triggers win or you did something out of your comfort zone to serve another. Let it fuel you to know you overcome the smallest of feats each day of your week. Some people may not even have the courage to show up, to start a new day optimistically and make the most of it. But, you do! You are meant to be happy so do more to create an amazing and above average existence. Whenever you see someone in a place of complaint just know they are poor in spirit. Find compassion in your heart to just brighten their day some how some way with your positivity. Keep your spirit rich and alive with gratitude. When you are crossing someone's path in that mind set, let it be your awakening once again to snap out of any less than or negative thinking you may be experiencing. it’s an amazing neutralizing force that will bring the darkness to light and will brighten your days ahead.

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