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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

She owns and operates:


All of her online services are available worldwide and some are managed in person.

Let It Go And Watch How Things Flow

Fall is a transformative time. A great time to actually create a list or something similar to your New Year’s Resolutions. I believe in doing this every season. Just like clearing out the closet, clear out the clutter in your life and get on with it! Did you ever think about the fact that the leaves change because they are actually dying off? It's a bit macabre when you think about the fact that autumn is the time when things are actually dying. It's a part of the cycle of birth and death. This is all symbolic of natural transitions that occur in our lives. Change can be viewed as something negative or positive. If you let fear get in the way change can be frightening. When we come from a place of fear we like the world around us to be predictable and constant. But, regardless of whether we want to face it or not, this is the nature of life. When we are not comfortable with something we go out of our way to manipulate things out of fear. Your fear makes you even afraid of yourself. The problem is with fear, you can try to hide from it, but it will come up again and again to until you can see things objectively. Have you ever been in an experience that you did not want to experience, yet you innately know you stimulated it to happen. You did because you put so much attention on it that it happened anyways. The law of attraction.

Life at times can seem like you against "it", whatever it is that seems to be in your way. As long as you spend your time trying control life, you will never fully live it. Life will always put you in situations that bring you to your edges. The purpose for this is positive. It is so because it gives you an opportunity to remove what is blocking you. Being open to new things, ideas and people in your life helps can help you expand your capacity to experience more joy. When you think from a perspective of the worst case scenario you remain attached and freeze things as they are. This keeps them from changing and you from changing. How could our children evolve if we only looked at them as kids, even when they became adults? How could we ever leave a skeleton behind, when someone else keeps reminding us of our past? Embracing the new means you are ready for more abundance in your life. You also have to embrace the new and positive changes you see in others, not keep them stuck either with your old impressions. Opening up to new things means that you have more faith and trust in the process of life and you believe in others. You come from a place knowing that you have a choice and can manifest love and joy. You have to be willing to look back at the past with compassion. A passion for life begins with you and grows into a place of accepting others, even those who have let you down. It's about seeing abundance in everything. It can be even in the darkest thoughts and places in your life. You have to clear out to add back in. Where there is a void, there is an opportunity for new energy and new life.

When things don't workout the way you had hoped and planned just start by accepting it. The path before you can be so much greater. When something is no longer working or resonating with you, the power and flow of new energy and people come in when you cut negative ties. Many of us go through a battle with a job or someone we love. We are in a situation where we are either forced to jump or we start to commit or our slow suicide trying to deal with the pain and discomfort of knowing what we must do. We want to be the ones determining our own fate. In some cases this is possible, but sometimes we have no control and this is when trust comes in. It's in that anger and pain of letting go that initiate the process of change. When we are not doing what we know, we dwell in an inauthentic place that corrodes the body, mind and spirit. It's amazing how the universe with hijack a situation facing to leave it behind. This has happened to me when I am not reading the writing on the wall. Nature is divinely orchestrated to shake and shift things so the new can come in. The only real power and influence you have is only over your emotional reaction to things. Life is always going to be full of surprises. If you wait to conquer your fears and anxieties you may never accomplish some amazing things you may of been destined to do! Never wait for things to happen before you x, y, z....you may never get to the end of the alphabet. The changes you dream will come quicker if you move quicker at shifting things to move closer to your goals.

Change is an awesome teacher. A real opportunity. Transitions occur so you can reach a higher level of your personal evolution. When you spend your time around negative people your evolution will be stifled because they are stuck in fear. Spirits are transferable". Who you spend your time with matters. When you want to expand, grow and evolve, it is very important you make wise choices with who you surround yourself with. You want people that help you gain momentum, not lose it. The best way to know who is supportive of the great and small transformations in your life is to pay attention to how people around you react to it. Don't protect what you witness with a foggy lens, look it square in the eye. You will see most people who try to squash your growth do it out of fear – “it’s the FEAR!” that keeps people controlling you. My father once told me a story about how he was young and terrified of airplanes because someone put the fear in him with a tragic story early on. He spent decades afraid to go anywhere and once he went he stayed. This could be why he never came back from the Greek Islands. His story was about what he calls, “the fear” and the point being, life is short, if you want to experience it fully you must let go of your fears. Now he travels without any fear because he has accepted that at some point he is going to die and he can’t sit around waiting for that moment. He has to live in the NOW. Think about all the years people lose when stuck in fear. Our fears are often not rational. When we can rationalize our fear, we can then experience what is really going on. It's a deep vulnerability. People close to you may fear you changing because they are forced to change when you do. The dynamic changes. If people in your life choose to be stuck in fear, you have to intelligently and creatively work around them. Eventually they may catch up and jump on the expansion ship with you. The important thing is no matter how others react, your #1 task is to stay grounded in what feels right to you. This means letting go of the pleaser that lives in you or the part of you that hates conflict. Yes, you have to go there. Some of my biggest naysayers turned into my clients and friends so think positive about walking into the void with pride. Have faith in even the weakest individuals you know and lead by example.

Just like the seasons change, we all have to accept that change is a part of life. The better we are at adapting and flowing with the winds of change, the more successful we become at living with joy. We can set the tone of rebirthing ourselves at various stages of our lives and create our own personal evolutions. Yes, much of it is masterminded by nature, but a lot of it can be explored and experienced with your great mind. Let the fear go, trust and get on with it. Let it go and watch how things flow!

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