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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

She owns and operates:


All of her online services are available worldwide and some are managed in person.

No More Drama – Be Your Own Mama

It seems that our lives evolves overcoming adversity and finding creative ways to climb our way back to harmony and wholeness. Each one of us has some form of dysfunction or toxicity that gets in our own way. It's not about how other people judge this since, I believe ones mans normal is another man's poison.

When I refer to the toxicity or dysfunction, I mean something about you that you struggle with. That very thing you keep doing (you know exactly what it is) and you can't seem to defy it no matter how hard you try. You have committed to putting an end to it, but you don't. Life can be like an obstacle course at times and for some of us there are always obstacles. We don't know how to function without creating them. Yet, we take no accountability for doing so. It's our life that "sucks" right?! We are always in the rut of trying to find our way back home to what we believe is a place where we can be real, true to ourselves and not have to deal with anyone else's crap! We can come out of the closet and just let it all hang out. So why don't we do this all the time? The reason is because we live in the fear of being rejected and not measuring up. We will be abandoned if we don't meet the norm of others expectations.

What we need to ask ourselves is this, " So what if we are rejected, then what? Face the fear and go into that sensation and ask yourself, "What will happen if I am rejected." When you work through this you will realize what you fear is silly and really doesn't matter. When in a state of accepting who we are and owning it, this rejection has no weight. It's how we feel about ourselves that does. There are communities for all of us that are like-minded and we can fit into them like a glove. It's great when you walk into a bodybuilding show or a yoga class and you feel like people who get it surround you!

The joy in life is arriving to the place your entire life has been building up to and the people you can share the experience with that won't give you friction over you being yourself. When you get there, you will know because as you go through life start to make note of your very own heart beat and inner knowingness. You can hear the flutter of your heartbeats bantering lightly and as you come closer. Suddenly, they pick up the beat becoming louder! We know when we are in our truth when our heart beat is the center, in balance and your all your senses say aha! We feel our aliveness being with a person, place or thing that really fits into the game plan! Eventually, things do and will. However, if you hold on so tight to your visions they cannot and will not unfold. There has to be some trust and faith if you want a reaction to your actions.

What's crazy about it is you think at times, you can't trust it. You think when things go "whacky" it means you made a mistake or wrong decision, but did you really? Often, these very curve balls are what cause us to swerve us back into the reality of what truly is the right decision for us. If we don't feel the pain of a decision that really is serving only our lower mind then we won't understand the magnitude of making a decision that serves our higher purpose and how amazing that feels.

Think of a bad relationship. You get into it, you are absolutely sure this person is the one and you need them on some level. As time goes on, it fizzles and gets crazy and no one is on the same page at all. There is nothing but friction severing whatever tie you thought you had to each other. You associate the drama and friction with passion, intensity and love! However, does love really hurt, cause disappointment and is unreliable? Does love really leave you angry, sad, in pain most of the time and confused? This is the valuable lesson of love. Love is so much lighter and requires NO GRIPPING!!! We have to learn what love really is. Therefore, even the bad nasty relationships do serve us. We have to be awake through; eyes wide open and ask ourselves, how did I get here? Where was I out of balance to attract this crazy maker? When we stop, soak it in and listen to ourselves on a deeper level, we learn how aware we truly are and the answer to how to handle ourselves through this hot mess we got into, is in there somewhere. We have an opportunity to explore ourselves even further and deeper to understand our control issues, demons, unresolved dramas from our own past, trust issues and more. It's a great chance to get a view of where you really are with your own ability to see your viewpoint of love more clearly.

If you look at every situation with your third eye or both eyes wide open, you will see that all relationships give you an opportunity to expand one huge thing – YOUR HEART! The key is letting go of what you feel something must look or be like to be THIS or THAT. When you do this you will be pleasantly surprised to find what form some things take in your life. Sometimes the people you least expect to love or find an attraction to are the ones who are like human can openers that bring your heart back where it belongs – to balance.

It's important that we trust the obstacles and not go into the pity party syndrome of being a victim of life. We have to understand we are the ones always setting ourselves up. What you want may come into fruition, so be sure it's what you really want. It's our sense of urgency and our need to control things that cloud the way back home to our true selves. We have to be willing to recognize that if we take all this too seriously we are going to miss some very important things along the way and that's being in the moment, enjoying what the moment offers and who is presented to you in the moment. In order to live with joy, you have to read the sign posts along the way, but continue to maintain a sense of humor, laugh and play! Having a sense of humor is a great doorway! The ability to laugh at yourself, smile at others and keep your own dramas in perspective is a very evolved skill. If you ever noticed those who are highly evolved spiritually are always smiling, happy and witty. They use a childlike playfulness at times to poke at the tiger within others to get them to a higher state of being.

The gift is being able to put yourself and others at ease. You have to let go of a selfish viewpoint to do this and that means stop focusing on your problems, obstacles & conflicts and start living a life of love & self-awareness. This will open the gateway so that love can flow in and out without barriers. Over the next week, challenge yourself to look at people with new eyes and ask yourself (without judgment) do these people really love themselves? Are these people doing all this desperately trying to find love & acceptance? If you are struggling with someone send them compassion either with your thoughts or choice of words. The love that comes back to you will be useful for your higher good. Most importantly have compassion for yourself.

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