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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

She owns and operates:


All of her online services are available worldwide and some are managed in person.

Perseverance Is A Lifelong Practice

Perseverance is not a forced path nor requires pushing your way through. It actually requires the opposite and that, you relax and be patient as situations unfold and arise in your favor. It is when things are not in our favor that we are truly tested. It's how we handle setbacks that define our character. This is what great stories of success are made of.

There really is not a precise destination. We have to be open to variables and all possibilities. Things don't always evolve into the forms we hope for or think they should look and be like. The variations work for us and not against us because what unfolds in the outcome should reflect more of who we truly are or desire. We may have a vision of looking like a particular person, which is not realistic at times, but we can come out looking like our personal best and still shine in the same way.

Physical and inner fitness have no end, the mastery can go on for a lifetime. It's not about being less than or less evolved, but about tweaking and readjusting to meet new moments and experiences. We have to become clear on what we are aiming for in your life and how this serves us on a greater level. If there is no purpose in it and it does not fit who we are, it may not pan out. When you come to a place of accepting and trusting the process, you develop a consciousness that does bring in higher thinking and being. You learn how divinely orchestrated timing is and developing the right skill set to get there. The process is how we develop mental muscle and fuel our minds and our machines to ensure longevity. There is an illumination or enlightenment that occurs and things flow more readily to you when you are in sync with this. If you arrive prematurely and push you will be kicked back to start again. When you feel you are fighting all the time to get what you want, it is a sign something is out of balance or needs to be tweaked. So how do we deal with the feelings around not always arriving to a place we want and want now so badly? The answer is simple: Rather than continue to push and fight, you have to learn how to work around obstacles and pay attention to why this is in the way. You have to be honest about what you need to work on to get there. What message or opportunity is the obstacle speaking to you about? It takes soul searching and investigating further. There are no mistakes in outcomes.

The secret to this is to notice what is nurturing you spirit. If you are always in the battle, this is not an example of nurturing, but fighting against yourself, timing and the nature of things. Nurturing yourself feels like you are alive with passion and love. You feel balanced and relaxed. That's how you know you are on the right path. There is a time to push your body a little more, but if you are in pain, that's not sensible. You must commit yourself to the sacred virtue of Perseverance and seek out ways you can accomplish the feeling of being able to go on long term and have the endurance to ride out any storms that come your way without it being an extreme condition all the time. It's a simple concept, but it's not easy and it does require a large level of mental self mastery. There are times you will be tempted to quit and give into the boulders in the way, but if you don't quit, the gift will be on the other side. If you don't make quitting an option, you will be able to dig down deep and look at your own integrity of what your truths are and what you are really wanting and how you are approaching your desires. Some things are not meant to be or are a fit for you. Just as in some romantic relationships, your target has to bring in some form of synergy or it won't work, but that does not mean it won't work with someone else and you might wind up with a partner who is really the right fit for you and your life. The partner who did not invest in you clearly is not your best option no matter how much you want it.

Regardless of your current success, you can make a great comeback that is no reflection of where you once were! But, if you stop too soon or quit, you will never reap the benefit of getting to the other side. The person who is really keeping score is you. So you want to be sure you are being honest with yourself about your decisions and that they are authentic. When they are not, you pay a price for it and things will be much harder to achieve. You have to understand why you want something. There has to be a meaning to it or you won't really exude passion enough to drive you to your objective. The person who knows who is cheating to benefit to get somewhere more than anyone is you and this eventually takes a toll on even your own confidence. If you don't develop skills the right way, success is always short lived. You want longevity or to check something off your bucket list? Know the difference.

Many people, even Michael Jordan, who was told he was not good enough to play high school basketball, worked hard on his game everyday and persevered. He proved his coach wrong! Many authors have their books rejected over and over, until one day they have a breakthrough. It is easy to waiver on your own pledge to continue something you begin to have doubt in. Problems may occur and it may seem like you are not onto something at all, but you can always think of reshaping your vision and tweaking a few things to bring your goals and dreams closer to you. Stopping and starting things is a natural thing for us all to do at times. But, in our hearts, if something keeps nudging at us, there may be a reason we need to continue and we have to trust our hearts more than our minds at times. If your doctor puts you on a diet due to a health issue, you are less likely to be aligned with that goal because it is not resonating within you as something you really want to do for you. You have to do it. There is a huge difference in what is driving us. We have to want to be well to get well. We have to see the benefit and trade off in something to really understand our own reasoning for it. Your goals may not be something anyone else understands, but you. If you are being called to do something, just do it!

Logic is not the path of the peaceful warrior. You must believe in what your inner compass is whispering to you. If that voice does not go away, stop ignoring it and begin to take a pledge to commit to listening. The power resides in your very own inner whispers. The voice may be telling you to emerge from your setbacks. This can mean so many different new approaches. Pay attention to the opportunities and helpful people that arise when you begin to trust yourself. When you look at reality, there is no long term failure. We have to challenge ourselves and make some mistakes in order to grow and really appreciate the successes. Real success is demonstrated through your ability to focus not on winning everything. Perseverance is an art that requires practice. See it as a game that is a part of life! Using tools like visualization and breathwork can help you keep things in perspective. While you are creating visions and seeking visualizations to do, keep this one in mind, "I am open to learning life's lessons and I am totally committed to a path of spiritual fitness for life!". Start by simply accepting, adjusting, assessing, adapting and then move forward with clearer vision on your next steps! If you get kicked back, get up and do it all again… It will never be smooth sailing.

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