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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

She owns and operates:


All of her online services are available worldwide and some are managed in person.

Receive More By Complaining Less

We make contact with people everyday in various ways. Think about how many people you encounter just on a typical day. Now think about how many of those people are in service. The people who work to serve are giving themselves to you. Are you saying thank you? If you are not being consciously grateful you stop the good for coming into your life. In turn, you feel unappreciated even at times you deserve it.

Be grateful for all those people who assist you in any way and offer you any type of service. It’s important to be kind. You never know what other people are struggling with. We all live in our own personal bubbles separating us from others and what may be their experiences. Why do we stay in our bubbles? Because it’s comfortable.

The power of gratitude is preached and practiced by many of the greatest worlds ancient religions for a reason. Even Lao Tzu said, “If you rejoice in the way things are, the whole world will belong to you.” Acceptance is an aspect of gratitude. Receiving what is and no matter what it is accepting it and being grateful for it.

History is full of famous people who practiced gratitude. Why? Because it is a spiritual law that creates more grace in your life. There are so many things to be grateful for including the sun, the morning light, life, your strength, your family and it’s is endless. So why do we spend so much time on negative thoughts and obsessive patterns that keep us in a spiral of unhappiness? Life without gratitude is challenging.

Gratitude is a key that opens a secret doorway to your life. Once you begin practicing it your perspective and everything about your life will begin to shift and change. The negative thoughts subside. There is no depression where there is gratitude. There is no anger where there is gratitude and there is nothing more powerful than giving thanks. Say thank you a hundred times a day to anyone and all those in your life. Never taking anyone or anything for granted. You will find you are more abundant and people embrace you more. People love people who appreciate them.

Gratitude will dissolve your problems and give you an opportunity to transform any negative situation. You simply begin by counting your blessings. All those blessings you count will increase. When you talk about negative things, operate in negative ways, spew hate, jealousy, rage or anger you will only increase it. Charles Dickens (1812-1870) wrote, “Reflect upon your present blessings of which ever man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes.”

Making gratitude a habit is as important as eating breakfast in the morning. It is your feel good fuel. It may take a lot of practice for you to make this an ingrained habit at first. Eventually, you will see how gratitude helps you manifest your dreams. It is your connection with others that give your life a sense of meaning and purpose. Your personal and business relationships affect your life more than anything else. For every one negative thought you have about another person, it is said, you need 10 blessings for that relationship to flourish. For every one complaint you risk deteriorating something as meaningful to you as even your own marriage.

Whatever your temperament is like. If you practice gratitude you will be perceived as more kind, patient and you will be well received. When you are respectful to others enough to say thank you, you may find you are invited to be a part of more. Your social circle widens. There is no ego where the energy flows. It’s like a wave that washes the walls down. You are surrounded by joy. When you spend your time complaining, you actually harm YOUR LIFE. You never want to amplify negativity in your life by your mindset. You and your life will suffer. Like increases like. If you want a happy marriage it is important you let your vulnerability go and be thankful everyday as if it were your last.

Your heart carries great memories. Within the seat of your illuminated soul are the fondest memories. Your fondest memories are most likely the ones when someone was open to you and the energy flowed. There was a feeling of gratitude and with that also a great love and respect. Energy can heal and that is why gratitude can heal as powerfully as love. Say the magic words, “thank you!” Not once or twice, but pick up the phone and contact someone you may of taken for granted and who does deserve to hear those words. Gratitude is heart energy and it is meant to expand.

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