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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

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Remove Your Inner Thorns: Be Free

We all want to change things at our convenience. Real transformation begins when you embrace things that are no longer serving you and you hear that voice inside telling you, "It's time!" Being able to cope and adapt well is a sign of inner strength. Something we all seem to be striving for. We hope to find it in a bottle, a tea bag, at a yoga studio or in the gym. We buy books, we talk to therapists, we drive the best car and we hope this will fix our lives and bring us STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE or EVEN LOVE!

Problems in your life can be agents for growth, but you must be willing to remove your inner thorn or the reoccurring theme that you need to change will continue to haunt you. Why do some of us seek this inner growth while others continue to go through the same motions blindlessly and some consciously? Reflecting on what you know about your neighbor, family members and some friends, you must see those you judge as living a facade. If this judgment lives within you, instantly you must look within the mirror and find the facade that lives in you to really understand why people do the things they do.

You have to ponder whether you really want to waste any more precious time (knowing life is short) spending anymore time and energy going in vicious circles or pretending.

The masquerade happens when we hide who we really are and mask it with things on the exterior to try and fool others into not knowing who we really are. There is so much vulnerability in this. So why can't we overcome our own inner thorn that is driving us? We have to ask ourselves, is it worth pricking yourself over and over again for nothing more than the same outcomes? This thought right here can hit a chord in you so deeply that you know you can shift right now and read this very sentence. This could be the moment you feel enlightened and make one small decision - to remove the thorn. People keep their thorns because they are afraid with the loss of it everything will become unstable. They will end a marriage that was loveless, lose the fake neighborhood they lived in to impress everyone that they really never loved or let go of someone. The fact is, it actually is a cure. It's like medicine that brings you to balance.

The choice you make to keep the thorn in or remove it has set the course of your entire life. The thorns in our life are actually what dictate our future. These very thorns can make us stronger, tear us down or keep us spinning in neutral. If you build a whole life around your thorn and think it's all just fine and dandy, just wait until someone nudges it. Your going to feel or act very unstable knowing someone knows it's there. You find love and now this person keeps knocking your thorn. So you end the marriage. How would you feel looking at the real possibility that had you not had that thorn that partner could of been forever! You will never be able to hide it for long and just put a band-aid over it. We make a lot of moves in our life to protect our weaknesses. However, wise souls can see what is driving us. They are the people who bear the truth to us that we have love hate relationships with. We know they love us, but hate what they know about our secret self. We know the truth, but sometimes we even deny the truth to ourselves. It's sad to think, we don't even want to fully know ourselves or face any part of who we are. The very cycles we are stuck in is what builds us up and tear us down. It's crazy when you think about the duality. So how do we come to balance and make this work for and not against us? Michael A. Singer in the book the Untethered Soul speaks about taking a journey beyond yourself. He quotes, "It turns out that the life of protecting yourself from your own problem becomes a perfect reflection of the problem itself."

Think about how deep that thorn runs and the way it causes the blood to flow into all areas of your life. Look at the map of your life and think about why you picked the car you drive, the person you partnered with, your circle of friends, the house you buy, the city you want to live in, why you wear what you wear and the biggy - the representative living your life - you say is you! It is not until we lose the job, the house and the relationship, even only one of these things, that suddenly we become a tortured soul and we are now crying for help! Why does it take us doing this when we are at our bottom? The greater plan will always be that, greater. You will never feel complete with anything outside yourself. That thorn is there to remind you not to get lost. This is why the healing arts like yoga and massage have made a huge comeback!

Many of us are battling with these thorns and are trying to ease them out. Keep it stupid simple. Rip it out like a band-aid and hold the blood down. It takes trust and faith that being yourself without all the baggage will remove you from the bondage.

Let this be your wake up call! There really is no reason to spend your life pretending. You have two choices. You can live with the thorn, pretending to live your life or really be living your true destiny. When the shackles are off, think this way, what will my life look like when your thorn can no longer disturb it? You know longer have nothing to fear when you are transparent. You don't want to continue on letting the weakest part of you dictate your life now do you? Let your heart be the ruler of your universe. Make your motto. "I am fearless, I am Beautiful, I am Free!"

Remove Your Inner Thorns

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