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Michelle Johnson is an Team BeautyFit® Athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer who is recognized as a national level fitness authority, figure model, speaker and writer.

Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation's leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness.

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Transparency: What Do Wisdom & Love Have to Do With It?

To have relationships that are loving, it's important that you keep your heart open and are willing to be vulnerable. There is power in being transparent. If we live in fear of being found out about how we truly feel, we only build walls that shut other people out. It can only lead to self imprisonment. Walls are obstacles to love. If you want deep soulful and meaningful relationships you need to take down the walls that separate your from others and start using your wiser self to operate. This means no hidden agendas or deception. You have to go into your relationships raw. Keeping your heart open is a constant practice. Yes, you will bleed at times, but that is part of loving. The risk and sacrifice we take in order to embrace another. This doesn't guarantee anything in return, but over time it spills into many areas of our lives creating an overall positive energy. It is especially difficult to keep your heart open during tough times or when someone has let you down. In order to buffer negativity and the impact it can have, we have to continue to soften and focus more on the energy of love. This is the essence of what breeds wonderful things in our lives. It's a great buffer.

The path of love is also a way to become closer even to your own soul. When your heart is awakened and completely open, you will no longer have to defend anything. You begin accepting yourself the way that you are in the current condition you are in. When you are in this place, it's a funny thing how others begin to see you differently and understand you more, as well. It's great to unveil your true self to others outside of your daily roles. Wearing so many hats can create a case of losing yourself. Today, many of us are forced to multitask and it can make anyone feel like they are in a whirlwind most of the time! It is when you are relaxed and let go of the defense mechanisms that you can see more clearly. The role playing and the demands of life that separate you are keeping you from staying in touch with your true inner self. When you arrive in a place of total self acceptance that the battle does not serve you or any facades, you stop explaining yourself, apologizing, rationalizing and living any lies you once told everyone around you about who you truly are.

The fear is what keeps us feeling inferior. The judgement we have of others and ourselves keeps us from having the courage from opening up to the possibility of rejection. When we are okay with ourselves, we don't fear rejection from others. We have a grounded heart and know with conviction to be truthful is the way. Yes, we may waiver, but if you know you have an anchor and no better than knowing yourself. It is all good!

Letting go of pride may be hard to do for some, but by doing it you create a bridge with others. It's hard to admit we have behaved poorly. Practicing right action and speech can go a long way. We have to be willing to do what is best with good intentions to serve another. Would you rather take this road or deliberately mislead them and harm others?! Most people want to take the high road, they just lose track of the importance of it because many of us are keeping up with all the packs of wolves. If you are not offering love, than what is the exchange you expect from others? Is your agenda self serving or motivated by greed or personal gain? Many live by a philosophy of what can I gain from this person or how can they serve me? When we start looking at serving, we more easily see the relationship between what I do for you does come back to me. It's all cyclical. In fact, it's a great way to insure your future.

Vulnerability creates a bond between people. Think of situations where you have let your defenses go and how things flowed naturally. There is a really harmony when you are in this zone.The sense of peace and energy exchanged between two people totally vulnerable to each other is priceless. You feel a safe place to let go and be yourself. It's an amazing gift to accept others for who they are and to be very present with them and engaged. This is a safe space to express vulnerability. It's a zone like no other. What a gift!

If you struggle letting go of the walls that you have built around you, ask yourself, "what would wisdom and love do or say to me? Be your own inner witness ongoing and see where you need to circulate more heart energy in your life. When you operate from this place you will instantly notice the quality of relationships you form and people who are drawn to you are in this loving space as well. Talk about instant gratification. Living a transparent life without agenda driven people, namely yourself, is a great place to be and a safe one.

You have to let go of your own self serving agenda that means using others to propel yourself through your life. Think of the heart energy as your fuel. Love is mystical. It has the power to transform and transcend your life. No matter how others behave, if you keep your heart open maintaining a wise sense of compassion, you will see negative forces & energy has no power over you.

When you come out of hiding who you really are you will notice things get brighter, mainly your world! We all crave deeper connections that we can trust and know. Imagine a world with no deceptions where what that what you see is what you get. Joy spreads like a wildflower when you live without the trickery of deception. Laugher & love are more accessible. Keep practicing the most important practice you can do in your life and that is keeping your heart wide open. No one should ever have the power to close your heart. When you keep it open you will always win! Deep soulful relationships are in and wjy yoga, meditation and mindfulness are in. If you think you need a guru just ask "wisdom and love" for the answers!

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