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Wings Of Imagination - How To Make Decisions

Decision-making is a funny thing because it's easy to overthink the choices we can make. I have made a lot of choices that people have frowned upon, but when something inside my gut is tugging at me, I go for it! Many may see me as "free spirit", "a flower child", "wild" or even "rebellious", but it's not about any of that. It's about living my life intuitively. I rely on my gut for almost every movement I make in life. I use meditation and tune in when I am about to take a leap of faith. When things don't work out overtime, it's never an issue of making the wrong decision. It's actually that there is a take away in the situation that I need for my own personal development.

Usually, the people in my life represent something that I need to learn from. This all results in spiritual growth. This is how I live my life daily and I have been highly successful on many levels, as a result. The success for me only came when I began operating on this level. Yes it is Non-Conventional, but at the same time it is the way of the ancients and it makes sense to our existence today. What people see as mysticism, I see as my "norm". There is much to be said for amazing grace and blessing in our life if we pay attention to the sign posts along the way. You realize there really is a rhyme and reason for all decisions we make. It's like a puzzle that comes together throughout the road map of your life and all makes sense at a later on.

We can weigh and balance things until we are blue using logic and reason. However, the secret to sound decision-making is not in the head. It's intuitive. We use our intuition for survival. These instincts we know of are right in the animal kingdom. Our senses hold valuable secrets that lead us in the right direction. We know we like people or we don't instantly when the enter a room. We can sense whom we can and cannot trust even if we convince ourselves otherwise. We can go with logic, but logic would stop many of us from taking risks and really believing in our survival instincts, now wouldn't it? You would think this one simple task of making a decision would be easy. We should know if we want to do something or we don't, but we listen to the opinions of others too often. We don't always understand why we make a purchase, but we do, later to find it was the very dress we needed for the big event! The great thing is no matter what choice we make, if we don't like it, we can choose something else and simply unravel it. Our fear is we will be stuck, imprisoned and suffer if we make a mistake. Life is full of imperfections. So what if we make a mistake? What if we are stuck for a while and have to fix our mess. Sometimes that's the very pain we need to become clear on how valuable it is to honor our truth and listen to our gut in the future.

We may have to battle to clean up that mess, but usually bad decisions are made when we go against what we value and we know to be true. There is self-deception in poor choices. This is how we screw ourselves. We know better, but we don't listen and we ignore our truth. There may be some side effects that come with that, but we do, in reality, often have options to clear even dishonesty from our lives. The most important thing to know is that whatever decision you make will not affect your life as much as the consequences of that decision will if you continue to live in dishonesty.

So begin by listening within and making sure this is your being true to you. If you do choose not to do something, will it be nudging at you 10 years later that you should of done it! Looking back, there are a lot of things I would say now that I should have just done and I ask myself now, why did you not just do it? Then I remind myself of timing and how great it is where I am today, to do that very same thing with a much wiser perspective. Looking at consequences can keep you stuck, but what if those consequences never come into fruition? What if the very leap you take leads to something more? This is the way to think because usually those nudges and heart felt choices are the ones that are meant to be on your path and are actual stepping-stones. You will never know the outcome until you make a choice. Even when there is a planned outcome, we all know, not everything goes according to plan.

The truth is that our subconscious mind is what programs our decision making more so than anything. It drives our behaviors. When we rationalize we are stepping in to justify what we are doing rather than thinking rationally about how we are steering our ship. We have to learn to trust ourselves and follow our instincts without having to have "really good reasons" or giving in to making decisions just to appease others. Decisions made on the behalf of others are not in alignment with our truth and what we want for ourselves. This will cause repercussions. This is exactly what also breed's resentment and dishonesty in relationships.

Since you can't ever really be trusted for all the reasons you decide to do or not to do something because of your subconscious, the best rule of thumb is:

Do what you want to! If you are passionate about what you do, your heart is in it, your mind will follow along and you will reap all the benefits. Use only your inner compass as your guide and you will see how accurate it is to getting you to your preordained destination. Enjoy the ride on the wings of imagination because you will always gain something from all decisions. When things don't go perfectly just remind yourself - "Every moment is as it should be but you must let your conscience be your guide."

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