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BeautyFiber offers an easy way to increase dietary fiber-both soluble fiber from psyllium and insoluble fiber from flaxseed-without affecting your overall nutrition plan. 25 grams of your daily nutrition.

• Provides Dietary Fiber
• Perfect for Low Carb Dieting
• Helps Promote Heart Health
• Decreases Appetite and Stabilizes Blood Sugar
• Improves Digestive Health and Cleanses the Colon

25 Servings Powder (Orange Flavor)


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Healthy, fit woman need 25 grams of fiber each day. BeautyFiber® offers up a low-carb, low-glycemic source of dietary fiber that does not affect blood glucose levels!

BeautyFiber contains both soluble and insoluble fiber from psyllium husk and flaxseed. This unique fiber expansion blend provides a feeling of being fuller before meals that can drastically reduce your appetite while also reducing blood glucose levels and stabilizing blood sugar.

†These statement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

What should BeautyFiber be used for?
BeautyFiber should be used as a source of dietary fiber. BeautyFiber provides 6 grams of fiber in just one serving, which is a convenient and fast way to meet your daily fiber needs of 25 grams per day. BeautyFiber provides a unique blend of both soluble and insoluble fiber from psyllium husk and flaxseed that can help to decrease hunger between meals, keep blood sugar levels balanced and keep your digestion system functioning optimally.

Does BeautyFiber work well with other BeautyFit products?
Yes, BeautyFiber is formulated to work synergistically with all BeautyFit products. BeautyFiber can provide a source of fiber to help meet your dietary fiber needs and help improve digestion. It is also perfect for those following a strict low-carb diet, as it offers up a source of low-glycemic fiber that doesn't increase blood glucose levels. In fact, BeautyFiber can help work with your weight-loss plan to help reduce blood glucose levels and decrease appetite.

Who is BeautyFiber designed for?
BeautyFiber is designed for women who are serious about their health and want to stay on top of their fitness goals. BeautyFiber works well with nutrition plans that are low in carbs and lack enough carbohydrates to meet daily fiber needs. BeautyFiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels, keep appetite in check and remove toxins and waste from the intestines and colon. BeautyFit can help you maximize your overall health and wellness for a lean, trim and muscular physique.

How often should I use BeautyFiber?
BeautyFiber can be used once or twice daily to help meet your need for dietary fiber. BeautyFiber can be consumed with water or juice 30 minutes prior to meals to help reduce appetite, stabilize blood sugar levels and improve digestive health when taken regularly.

How does BeautyFiber support my weight-loss and fitness results?
BeautyFiber helps support weight-loss and fitness goals and improves overall health and wellness by ensuring you get your daily dietary fiber needs. A healthy diet should provide 25 grams of fiber daily. Complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables provide a source of dietary fiber, but if you are following a restrictive low-carb diet, it can be hard to meet your daily dietary fiber needs.

BeautyFiber provides a low-glycemic, non-impact carb source of dietary fiber that, when taken 30 minutes before meals, can help reduce appetite, help balance blood glucose levels and help improve digestion. As part of your daily nutrition plan, BeautyFiber can help support all your fitness and weight-loss goals!

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