SUPERFOODS - Extra-Strength Anti-Oxidant Power

SuperFoods containing vital nutrients. BeautyGREENS® helps you balance life's demands. Feel healthy, cleanse your body, optimize your mental responses.

• Better Resistance To Colds & Flu
• Softer, Younger-Looking Skin
• Helps With Weight Loss
• Promotes Increased Energy
• Improved Circulation
• Improved Digestion
• Improved Sleep
• Relief From Menstrual Symptoms
• Better Memory, Concentration

30 Servings Powder


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SuperFood contains everything to tone muscle, build strength. BeautyGreens® can help you melt away fat and be healthy!

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), vitamins, minerals, land and sea greens, herbal detoxifiers for healthy hair, skin and nails! Get your body's pH balance in-line with BeautyGreens. Our revolutionary BeautyGreens only calls for 6 oz. water or your favorite beverage to enhance the body's results. Quickly dissolves!

The Importance Of Greens

To help prevent disease while optimizing health and longevity, the USDA recommends that we eat up to 5 servings of vegetables and 4 servings of fruit each and every day. Each serving of BeautyGreens enhances your diet, detoxifies your system, helps correct the alkalinity or acidity of your blood and goes towards keeping you healthy while you lose fat.

†These statement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Can't I just get everything I need from my diet rather than taking BeautyGreens?
With today's hectic schedules, none of us have time to eat healthy foods at every single meal. It's also getting harder and harder to find nutrient dense foods due to all the processing in today's food supply. Foods are being stripped of their nutritive value and our bodies are paying the price.

When you're trying to lose weight as quickly as possible, you must reduce your calorie intake while increasing the nutritional density of the food you eat. If you're able to afford to eat organic natural food at every meal, this is a great start.

Eating a wide variety of foods delivers all the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients needed to keep you healthy and disease free. A healthier alkaline environment can be promoted by consuming leafy greens, vegetables like onions, water, citrus fruits like lemons and limes, garlic, monounsaturated fats like olive oil, sea salt, soy and whey protein, oats, and lentils. But it's nearly impossible to get every nutrient you need each day without perfect planning and balance of your food intake.

Nutrient Interactions
But get too much calcium and you could end up not absorbing enough zinc. Eat foods high in phytates (which are found in certain fibers) and you might impair magnesium absorption! You practically need a PhD in nutrition just to figure out how to balance your diet out each and every day!

It's a scientific fact that the right diet can nourish your body with everything you need but you have to have an intimate knowledge of food science and biochemistry to do it. Bottom line. BeautyGreens is designed to work with you're current diet to increase the nutrient status of every cell in your body. It works with any diet. With BeautyGreens all you need is a shaker cup and water and you're ready to enjoy this superfood anytime, anywhere.

What causes the body to become acidic?
A high acid environment can be triggered by any number of environmental factors such as: Consuming processed foods, especially carbohydrates. Alcohol, soda, high caffeine-containing energy drinks, colas or coffee. But consuming too much meat can often throw your internal acidity off. But if you exercise often (which we recommend when using any BeautyFit® product) the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles can also contribute to the pH of you blood and many cells in your body.

How many times each day should I take it and at what times?
BeautyGreens can be used anytime it fits your lifestyle. However, many women get best results when they take it as soon as they wake up. This loads your body up with the nutritional support needed to get the day started.

Some users prefer to take it before exercise to load the cells up with high ORAC antioxidants to help fight free radicals caused by training. Others throw on scoop in a post workout protein shake to support recovery. It doesn't matter what time you take it, but it is important that you take it!

Can I take it if I'm using BeautyCleanse?
Yes you can! In fact, stacking these two products is especially useful if your body contains a large amount of toxins caused by poor nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins and other pollutants. Try to space the products out through the day so that you have each reaching your cells at different time periods. Many women take BeautyGreens as soon as they wake up to energize and revitalize.

I like to mix a scoop of BeautyGreens in into my protein shake to form a smoothie. Is this okay?
Yes, and we encourage it. Many women put one serving of BeautyGreens in their protein shake and get amazing results. Protein is needed to repair muscle tissue and support a healthy immune system among countless other benefits. Throw in some ice and a piece of fruit for a fruit-flavored treat! Enjoy ladies!

How long does it take to notice a difference?
The first time taking BeautyGreens, many women who are deficient in one or more nutrients experience an immediate surge in energy, vitality and well-being.

How does it work that fast? That's because your must get everything you need to support your body's metabolic processes. If you're not getting enough of any single nutrient, your metabolism continues to run but it doesn't churn like a well-oiled machine. You must feed it the right fuel mix to run at full speed.

Some people with excessive toxins built up in their body, may notice spots of skin irritation within 2 weeks of taking BeautyGreens. This is because the toxins inside your body come out of your body and the skin is the final gate to cross. Many dermatologists agree that skin health is a key indicator of what's going on inside your body. BeautyGreens is metabolized in your liver where whole-body detoxification takes place. Use it each day to support overall health while you drop pounds and inches.

Can I take it twice a day?
Due to the potency of BeautyGreens, it's not recommended to exceed 1 (one) serving in any 24-hour period.

What type of diet should I follow while using BeautyGreens if I want to lose weight fast?
The debate over which is THE best diet to follow will never be agreed on by any expert! Some women get great results with a low-fat diet that's high in carbs. Others do well eating a moderate carb, moderate fat and moderate protein diet (known as the 40:30:30 diet). Some go ketogenic and lose a ton of fat and feel a stable energy level after just a few weeks.

Most diets fail when you simply can't stick to them because they're too restrictive to how you normally eat. Others fail because they require too much time to prepare and to eat all the foods contained on the diet. But no diet expert would argue that the best diet is one YOU can stick with for the duration of your weight-loss plan. Dieting is all about giving up the food you want for the foods you need. A diet that you can live on without feeling you're depriving yourself is one that will lead to weight loss that lasts.

For best results, try to follow a high protein, moderate carb diet that's low in starches and sugars. Eat a wide variety of non-starch containing vegetables. Protein sources should be low in saturated fats. Fruits are great to add natural vitamins, minerals and soluble fibers but don't go overboard on them as they contain natural fruit sugars. Although these are natural sugars, they still contain 4 calories per gram and do raise insulin output.

Should I take a multivitamin supplement with BeautyGreens?
It really depends on the multivitamin you're using and how complete your diet is. BeautyGreens contains vitamins A, C, E and the female-friendly minerals Calcium and Iron. But that's not enough to meet your day's nutrient requirements so you'll have to rely on your diet and supplement plan. Every multivitamin uses slightly different levels of the various micronutrients your body needs.

Can pregnant or lactating women take BeautyGreens?
It is best to avoid consuming any dietary supplements while pregnant or lactating until you speak with your doctor first.

What sets apart BeautyGreens from other greens supplements?
What works for him does not always work for you. With so many greens products on the market today, how do you choose what's right for your body?

BeautyGreens has been formulated with a women's needs in mind. Each serving includes 43 female friendly ingredients like calcium and iron but it it's also fortified with an exclusive probiotic blend called Prolactoleain®. This dairy-free probiotic cannot be found in any other supplement in the world! Its function is to support a healthy digestive tract and optimizing immunity. It also contains Digesti-PRO® which is a high-grade blend of natural enzymes used to you enhance digestion.

When you maximize the machinery that digests food, your body obtains the maximum nutritional value from the food you eat. BeautyGreens also delivers detoxification botanicals used by your liver to cleanse your body of environmental toxins and heavy metals. Cleansing your body and preventing malnutrition, that's what BeautyGreens does for your body. When used with a balanced diet and exercise plan, this superfood will give you super results!

Does it have to be refrigerated?
BeautyGreens is a women's superfood. To maximize freshness, please refrigerate after you open the container. Keep container sealed and out of light when not being used to help avoid oxidation.

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