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BeautyStrong® multi-use powder is a breakthrough pre-workout supplement designed for the serious female athlete! It contains a specific matrix of naturally occurring elements proven to obliterate fatigue and provide you with focus, intensity, and energy. After just one dose of BeautyStrong®, you'll never train again without it!

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Some of the key benefits include:

Increased Endurance:  BeautyStrong® contains proven ingredients to enhance your time to fatigue during exercise, which will also induce hypertrophic effects. Specifically, Beta Alanine helps to buffer lactic acid in your body, helping to increase physical performance and muscular endurance.†

Leaner, Harder Muscles:  BeautyStrong® contains ingredients such as L-Citrulline, helps to increase blood flow to your working muscles, working as a vasodilator. Increased blood flow help to reduce muscle soreness, deliver blood-rich nutrients to your muscle tissue and create an awesome pump to your muscles.†

Explosive Energy:  Alpha GPC gives BeautyStrong® an extra edge by enhancing your power output and also helping to increase growth hormone production, which is necessary to build lean muscle tissue.†

Increased Focus:  BeautyFit® understands how stressful and busy a woman's day can be, so a unique set of ingredients were included in our formulation to aid in concentration, focus, and overall well-being, helping you to excel during your training sessions. These ingredients stimulate the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, two chemicals involved attention, alertness, and positive feelings.†

†These statement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

How Does BeautyStrong Work?
BeautyStrong contains a blend of ingredients that synergistically provides enhancements to your endurance and power during workouts while reducing fatigue and providing mental alertness and focus. Lactic acid is buffered in your muscles, which not only helps you to work out harder and longer but helps to decrease overall muscle soreness following your workout. BeautyStrong's matrix will increase blood flow to your working muscles, enhancing nutrient delivery for increased lean muscle tissue growth and pump.

Our team of researchers also understand the importance of stress reduction, along with focus and mental acuity to produce your optimum neuromuscular effect. Therefore, BeautyStrong contains adaptogenic herbs and amino acids derivatives that help to increase mood, alertness, and overall wellbeing.

Who Should Use BeautyStrong?
BeautyStrong's formulation is intended for the female who is serious about taking her workouts to the next level, busting through plateaus and experiencing a surge of energy, focus, and endurance. BeautyStrong is for the female who is serious about sculpting her physique and achieving maximum results during training. BeautyStrong delivers the ultimate mix of muscle-building and energizing ingredients for maximum level workouts and optimum athletic performance each and every time you train.

How Do I Take BeautyStrong?
Due to its powerful formulation, this product should only be used on training days. Mix 1 serving of BeautyStrong in 6 to 8 oz. of cold water, and for the best results, you should drink one serving of BeautyStrong pre-exercise.

Timing is critical. Therefore it is best to consume it 15 minutes or less before exercise. Avoid in-take of protein shakes within an hour after consuming this product, as the amino acids contained in a protein shake could compete for up-take by the muscles with the key driving muscle pumping compounds!

How Long Before I Start To See Results?
All it takes is one powerful dose of BeautyStrong to begin to see its amazing impact on your workouts! You will feel the awesome pump delivered to your muscles while your energy and endurance skyrocket.

Within just a few weeks, BeautyStrong will allow you to continually increase your intensity and endurance during training, with an enhanced awareness and focus. Your recovery time will improve, and the hypertrophic effects of BeautyStrong will speak for itself due to the amazing physique you sculpt. You will break through plateaus and increase performance like never before with BeautyStrong, achieving the lean, sculpted physique you have always desired!

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