Team BeautyFit 2019

Angela White
FitBody Fusion Team Manager/Coach

As a mother, bikini athlete, coach, and Manager of Team FitBody Fusion, I love to inspire women to always reach their full potential! I strive to show women that we are stronger than we believe and anything is possible if we go after it.

BeautyFit has helped me win 3 overall bikini titles, along with multiple top placings and nation level NPC shows. My favorite BeautyFit products include BeautyBum for every cardio session and BeautyWhey Sin-O-Bun in my coffee!

Reilly Burrus
USCG/Future NPC Wellness Competitor

In 2016, I was 200 pounds. I needed a huge change! BeautyFit was there to help me lose approximately 60 pounds and help obtain 2nd place in my very first NPC Show as a Bikini Competitor. Since then I have taken my health and fitness very seriously. I refuse to go back to that weight and continue to be unhappy.

BeautyFit help me gain the courage and obtain the happiness I have been longing for. I am the healthiest I have ever been and I am a huge health advocate in the Female Military Community! I aspire to compete in the Wellness division in 2020 and I know BeautyFit will get me there! My favorite supplements include BeautyHeat and BeautyOnyx! They are used EVERYDAY in my cardio routine!

Maya Astabie
IFBB Bikini Professional

A San Francisco native-turned-New Yorker, Maya Astabie is a Filipino-French 25-year old IFBB Bikini Pro. She is a proud FitBody Fusion Athlete and Ambassador happily rising and grinding every day to become the best version of herself! She believes that when we let your own UNIQUE light shine, we encourage others to do the same. When she’s not putting in work at the gym or cooking in the kitchen, you can find her hustling as a healthcare Advertising Account Executive in Manhattan. She feels most alive strutting on stage, in the zone at the gym or dancing at music festivals. She’s passionate about spreading positivity, training and traveling, the power of community and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

Maray S Rivera Rodriguez
NPC Figure Athlete

Before having my girl in 2015, I graced the NPC stage in the figure division, then, consumed by motherhood I completely forgot about me and encountered myself in my heaviest weight ever...185 pounds in a 5' body! Having a healthy lifestyle is a choice you have to make daily, so when I saw myself self destructing me like that I made that choice! BeautyFit has helped me regain that confidence in me and showed me what I can achieve when I set my mind to it.

Being a mom to a girl, wife and co-owner of a personal training studio motivates me to be the best version I can be to show that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and work hard for it. I hope to return to the NPC stage in 2020, now in the Wellness division!

I can't live a day without my BeautyWhey Sin-O-Bun + BeautyCollagen, the "Flat Belly Stack", BeautyRecover Rocket Pop, BeautyHeat Pink Lemonade, ONYX and my BeautyBum Complete Stack!

Amanda Soedjadi
IFBB Bikini Professional

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Soedjadi, I am 28 years old and live in Ventura, CA. I was born in Indonesia, grew up in California, moved five times in the last ten years due to collegiate softball and the impulsive adventurous side of me but am now back in this beautiful beach town where I reside with my partner. I am a lot of things including a daughter, sister, loving girlfriend, cat and dog mama, IFBB bikini pro, athlete, catering manager, coffee addict, guilty of a sweet tooth, lover of outdoors and dreamer of traveling but what I want most is to be known for what I am filled with.

I am very proud of the drive I have to be a part of things where I can inspire, connect, motivate and share. Whether that be in the office, at the gym or in my daily environment, I thrive on being able to find and be involved in anything that I can constantly find a spark. I am a huge believer in energy and when I am filled or surrounded by positive energy I am always finding a chance to share that.

I grew up being a part of a team sport, I played competitive softball from 8 years old until my junior year of college, and that experience instilled this trait in me…to always be supportive of my teammates and to always work together in strategizing how we could achieve individual goals to ultimately succeed as a team. This is what I hope to bring to BeautyFit, as my role as an athlete,

I hope to get to know each and every one of you to share our love for these products, this team, this lifestyle and as women representing something bigger than just a supplement company. I love what we as a team choose to represent and with that passion we all clearly have, I am excited to continue growing together to spread the impact of this brand!

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