Team BeautyFit - Danielle Hampton

NPC National Bikini Competitor

I was born and raised in Upstate NY in a single parent home. Growing up my Mom has always been a real life superhero. She is the definition of strength and love in my eyes. My mother has raised me to be a strong and independent woman with a big heart. I have a BS in Business management/Finance and I am currently working in the banking industry.

I have been very athletic since childhood. I was involved in basketball, soccer, track & field, swimming, and ballet for 15 years. This all came to an end when I had to have a full ACL reconstruction surgery. This injury changed my life in many ways and I am still dealing with it to this day. The most valuable thing that I have learned from that injury is that when you're down and feeling hopeless keep pushing forward. It Will get better in time. While in my junior year of college my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. We made a promise to each other that we would get healthy and fight this disease together. This was the start of my journey in clean eating and ultimately competing. My mother was the one that pushed me in the direction of fitness competitions and I guess the rest is history. I am blessed to have had her there with me in the beginning and I know she is smiling down on me every day and proud of the steps I’m taking to reach my goals.

Shortly after moving to Florida four years ago I met my husband, who has truly become my rock and biggest supporter in all that I do. I am so very proud to be his Army wife and we continue to lift each other up and get closer through each deployment we go through. He motivates me from the other side of the globe at times!!! Having a strong support system really makes all the difference in the world.

I truly love competing and also now helping others reach their personal and fitness related goals. It motivates me so much when people tell me that I inspire them and because of me they didn’t give up.

I wanted to share with you my supplement regimen, I hope you enjoy!

Prior To Fasted Cardio



Pre Workout (15 Minutes Prior)

Post Workout



  • 2016 Bayou Muscle Contest - Overall Bikini Winner
  • 2016 Jr USA's - 4th Place
  • 2015 Team U - 3rd Place
  • 2015 Jr Nationals - 8th Place
  • 2015 Miami Muscle Beach - 2nd Place
  • 2015 Panhandle Showdown - Overall Bikini Winner
  • 2014 Pittsburgh Championships - 3rd Place
  • 2014 Atlantic USA - 3rd Place
  • 2013 Europa Show-Orlando - 7th Place
  • 2013 Steve Stone Metropolitan - 2nd Place
  • 2012 Atlantic States - 4th Place
  • 2012 Pittsburgh Championships - 6th Place
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