Team BeautyFit - Nicole Vogel

NPC National Bikini Competitor

My name is Nicole Vogel, most call me by my nickname: Nicky/Nicky V. My birthday is March 20 and I am 20 years old. I am a student at Florida International University and I work the front desk at Flex Appeal Miami gym.

A couple of years ago I began to work out and ended up loving it. I love the process of seeing what my body can do and how much it changes depending on the type of training and especially diet. I started following fitness enthusiasts on Instagram, some who compete and some who don't. The more I came across NPC/IFBB competitors the more I interested in the sport I became and began to consider competing one day. Now, I have competed in two shows: The Karina Nascimiento Classic and CJ/Sunshine Classic. I placed first in the teen division at the Nascimiento classic and second in both the teen and open class A at the CJ/Sunshine classic.

I wanted to share with you my supplement regimen, I hope you enjoy!


  • 2 BeautyEnzymes (Twice a day: first meal, and second to last meal)
  • 3 BeautyFlex (Twice a day: first meal, and second to last meal)
  • 1 Serving BeautyHeat (Before fasted cardio)
  • 1 Serving BeautyRecover (Sip on during workout)
  • 1 Serving BeautyStrong (Use  when really low on energy and need a boost for my workout)
  • 1 Serving BeautyVegan (For a meal replacement)
    • 2017  Miami Muscle Beach Pro/Am - 1st Place Class A Open
    • 2016 Karina Nascimiento Classic 2016 -   1st Place  Teen Division
    • 2016 CJ/Sunshine Classic 2016 - 2nd Place Teen Division & Open Class A
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