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IFBB Figure Professional

My name is Selena Pons; I am 43 years young and counting. I am a wife, mother of two beautiful young ladies, a full time Respiratory Therapist at the SWFLA Children’s Hospital and a part time student. My fitness journey began after the birth of my second child. I dedicated my time to my family and everything else but myself. I thought that Moms were supposed to be overweight, wear baggy clothes, and not even care what they look like. After a year of allowing myself to be this way, I felt ugly, fat and undesirable. One day I decide to change my ways. I drove myself to the store and started to look through fitness magazines. I looked until I found something I could relate to. Yes this is it! A story about a Mom and wife that lost 60 pounds!!! Yes this is it. This article motivated me to change my life. This was the beginning of my fitness journey.

After a few weeks of working out and eating clean I felt better. I was happier and had tons of energy to get through the day. After a few years of being dedicated to the lifestyle I decided to compete in a local show. Not knowing what to expect I googled and you-tubed how to be a figure competitor and followed their suggestions. To my surprise, I placed second in the over 35 figure class and 3rd in novice. Well let’s say that I fell in love with the stage! The rest is history. I kept working hard and followed my dreams until I received my Pro Card at Team Universe, 2014. I won my class in the over 35 category and won the overall in the 40 category. Currently I am working on improving my physique so I can well represent the hard working women, mothers and wives out there. More than anything in this world I would love to be a healthy grandmother and role model to all women.

I am extremely happy to have been chosen to represent BeautyFit. This brand is specifically designed with women in mind, and is amazing. I have been a faithful customer since 2012 because of the customer service, fast shipping and dedication to sell great tasting, healthy products, a combination that is hard to find elsewhere. I could not ask for a better company to be part of my life and I will represent them with honor.

I wanted to share with you my supplement regimen, I hope you enjoy!

Before Breakfast - Daily

Pre Workout 

During Workout

Post Workout - Daily

30 Minutes Before Bed (Last Meal) - Daily

Professional TITLES

  • 2015 Puerto Rico Pro, San Juan, Puerto Rico - 4th Place Masters & 11th Place Open Class
  • 2014 Team Universe, New Jersey - Winner Masters Over 40 Overall, 1st Place in Over 35, 5th Place Open Class D
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