BeautyCare Stack

BeautyControl Eye Cream
BeautyEssentials 60 Capsules

Take care of your beautification needs with BeautyControl Anti Wrinkle Refreshing Eye Cream, and the hair-skin-nails formula of BeautyEssentials. When you stack you save!


►BeautyControl ($54.99 Value)
Anti Wrinkle Refreshing Eye Cream
►BeautyEssentials 60 Capsules ($24.99 Value)
Hair-Skin-Nails Formula

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Product Details

Anti Wrinkle Refreshing Eye Cream

To add luminosity to the eye contour, BeautyFit® has designed a skincare serum based on cell targeting. The delicate eye contour area is strengthened and more supple. Proprietary ingredients, all work deep-down in the underlying layers, erasing dark circles, diminishing puffiness and reducing fine lines. Initially iridescent, the serum becomes rosy and silky smooth on the skin. The eye contour is rapidly firmed and illuminated, and the eyes regain their fresh appearance.

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Hair-Skin-nails formula

You already know that getting the right nutrients is critical to achieving your fitness and physique goals. And just like your body, your exterior beauty – hair, skin and nails takes the right nutrients too. Even if you are following a diet designed for maximizing your workouts, building a lean and firm body, it's not going to provide you the right nutrients or enough to ensure strong nails, lustrous hair or smooth skin. That's where BeautyEssentials comes in!

BeautyEssentials offers nutrients that work to optimize tissue production of proteins needed for the development of healthy and strong hair, skin and nails. 

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