'BeautyFit' Exercise Resistance Bands Set

Get your workout on anywhere with this convenient "BeautyFit®" Exercise Resistance Bands Set. Whether you want to get a pump at the gym, at the beach, or anywhere you like, these exercise resistance bands set will give you that flexibility.

These bands are durable and sweat resistant which makes it lasting. It also stretches repeatedly which helps train the muscle. Choose from the three included bands for light, medium and hard levels of resistance. Each band set is packed individually in a convenient carry pouch.

Colors: Black Carry Bag w/Green, Blue, Red Bands

• Durable and sweat resistant.
• Stretched repeatedly to train the muscle.
• Carry pouch included.

'BeautyFit' Exercise Resistance Bands Set has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.
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