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BeautyRecover® multi-use powder is a new breakthrough designed for women that want to refuel, build strong & firm muscles in record time! BeautyRecover® improves your body’s ability to synthesize protein, in turn creating an environment rich for building beautiful, lean muscles while ensuring your repair and recovery after your workout..

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Increased training response:  Isoleucine and Valine fight off fatigue during training through inhibiting certain neurotransmitters, and also provide an immediate energy source to continue to fuel your workout once your body becomes depleted.†

Carbohydrate Efficiency:  Increased levels of BCAA's in the body help in the usage/uptake of carbohydrates for fuel, preserving your lean muscle tissue.†

Accelerated Recovery:  BCAA's help to reduce the effect of inflammation/stress on the body, especially during training, enhancing your body's anabolic response during repair and recovery with the addition of glutamine to this BCAA matrix.†

Increased Protein Synthesis:  BCAA's increase the body's ability to create protein synthesis, the primary process in increasing muscle growth.†

Hormone Regulator:  BCAA's can decrease cortisol, a primary hormone responsible for increases in abdominal fat and released when the body is under stress from training and can increase growth hormone.†

Restores Electrolyte Balance:  Contains an electrolyte blend to help restore nutrients lost through sweat and muscle contractions during intense training, enhancing your body's ability to handle stress and anxiety, keeps your nervous system functioning optimally and your water balance in check, avoiding excessive water retention.†

†These statement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

When is the best time to take BeautyRecover®?
BeautyRecover® can be taken before your workouts in order to ensure that you have an environment rich for protein-synthesis. Nutrient timing is a critical concept in your nutritional regime. The Window of Opportunity is a term used to describe the 90 minutes after your workout that are crucial to properly repair, recover and grow. During this time, your body is like a sponge, primed to soak up all the key nutrients that were lost during your training session. By taking BeautyRecover® immediately after your workout, you ensure that preserve your hard-earned lean tissue, create an environment for growth, and enhance your repair and recovery process. You can even supplement with BeautyRecover® midday to simply replenish.

How does BeautyRecover® work?
BeautyRecover® provides the perfect ratio of the three key branched chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids trigger the pathway for protein synthesis and in turn muscle-building, ward of fatigue and help to increase intensity during your workout, and glutamine speeds up your recovery process. Our unique electrolyte blend replenishes the micronutrients lost during training, which support all of the above benefits and provide you with the most comprehensive recovery formula for your daily needs.

Do I really need to take BeautyRecover® to build firm, lean muscle tissue?
Yes, BeautyRecover® needs to be a necessary part of your training arsenal. These branched chain amino acids are the key building blocks in your body, and need to be constantly replenished to enhance muscle growth. If you do not have sufficient levels of BCAA's in your body before and after training, your body will begin to look elsewhere for fuel sources, and your muscle-tissue is a primary target. BeautyRecover® will help you to build beautiful, lean muscle tissue while keeping your repair and recovery processes in- tact. BeautyRecover® drives protein synthesis, which is imperative in not only building firm, new muscles, but preserving the muscle tissue you have already worked so hard to build.

Who should use BeautyRecover®?
BeautyRecover® has been scientifically engineered for both the busy women and serious athlete that know how important it is to continually replenish key nutrients and BCAA's to build a lean, muscular physique. By utilizing BeautyRecover®'s blend of electrolytes, your micronutrient stores will continually be replaced, keeping your immune system strong and training endeavors on track.

Can BeautyRecover® be taken with other BeautyFit® products?
Absolutely! BeautyRecover®'s formulation will pair well with all of our other BeautyFit® products, and is meant to be utilized as a comprehensive stack of supplements that will take care of your body's various needs when training with high intensities. BeautyRecover® serves to promote your muscle growth, repair and recovery and will work well in our lineup of BeautyFit® products.

How long will it take for BeautyRecover® to start working?
BeautyRecover® will be available to your body as soon as it is ingested, as the BCAA's isoleucine, leucine, and valine are in free-form, meaning they bypass the liver and enter your bloodstream immediately, requiring no digestion. BeautyRecover® provides the perfect ratio of these key nutrients to jump start your body's protein synthesis process, ensuring that your body is primed to build a lean, muscular physique and preserve what you have already built!

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