BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)
BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)
BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)
BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)
BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)
BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)
BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)
BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)

BeautyRecover® (BeautyRewards)

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How does BeautyRecover® maximize muscle growth?

The body contains 20 amino acids, 9 of them being essential for your body’s physiological function. Of these 9 essential amino acids, 3 of them account for as much as 33% of your muscle tissue, and include: leucine, isoleucine, and valine, also referred to as the branched chain amino acids. During exercise, your body enters into a catabolic state, meaning muscle tissue is more easily broken down due to a natural undersupply of nutrients. The body is desperately looking to liberate amino acids for fuel sources, which can be found in the nutrient-rich tissues of your hard-earned muscle, creating the adverse effect of your goal of maximizing muscle growth. Without the proper recovery and replenishment of these amino acids, you will be sacrificing your muscle and decreasing the rate at which your body restores these vital amino acids, along with the capacity to build new ones.

BeautyRecover® will not only keep your body fully replenished and primed for muscle tissue growth, but will also help to increase intensity, repair and recovery with the perfect ratio of these key, branched chain amino acids. BeautyRecover® also contains a unique hybrid of glutamine, and a specific electrolyte blend that targets not only muscle growth, but several key important processes in your body, creating a supplement that maximizes your body’s multiple needs.

Scientifically Proven Results

BeautyFit® understands that our daily life and activities tax our body, draining it of key amino acids and electrolytes that keep us healthy, energized, focused, and lean. This is why BeautyRecover® not only offers branched chain amino acids, but glutamine and a specialized electrolyte blend.

Glutamine is used by the body in large amounts on a daily basis, and depleted quickly. Without this important amino acid, studies indicate the body cannot burn fat efficiently. Glutamine is essential for proper functioning of your digestive processes and acts as a regulator for leaky gut syndrome, a common dysfunction of the stomach that creates issues with the proper absorption of nutrients. Glutamine helps to control cravings for sugar, and turns on certain neurotransmitters in the brain to help with memory, concentration, and focus. This amino acid has impressive repair and recovery abilities for your body, and has even been to show to accelerate the healing process of wounds, burns, and ulcers.

Potassium chloride, sodium chloride (aka salt) and citrulline malate are the final piece of this awesome matrix and comprise the electrolyte blend, and with proper usage over time promote relief from anxiety and stress, proper water balance helping to eliminate bloat, keeps your nervous system functioning optimally for proper digestive function and muscle contraction.

The three amino acids that comprise the branched chain amino acids in BeautyRecover® each serve a very specific, physiological function which contributes to increases in muscle growth.

Leucine stimulates muscle growth in two very important ways:
1. It serves as one of the key catalysts for protein synthesis, which is a process that threads the amino acids together to create a stronger protein.
2. Leucine increases the body’s insulin response, which creates an anabolic environment, primed for protein synthesis.

Valine regulates the amino acid tryptophan in your body that aids in the response to fatigue. Tryptophan can be converted into the neurotransmitter serotonin. Valine decreases the amino acid tryptophan, stopping it from entering the brain and signaling fatigue. Valine decreases the amount of serotonin produced, which in turn allows you to work out harder and longer. Both Isoleucine and Valine also can be converted to glucose to provide a great source of energy during workouts, further warding off fatigue.

How Does BeautyRecover® Work?

The unique aspect of taking branched chain amino acids in the free-form formulation of BeautyRecover® is that it requires no digestion as it bypasses the liver and enters straight into your blood stream, supplying an immediate source of branched chain amino acids. BeautyRecover® improves your body’s ability to synthesize protein, in turn creating an environment rich for building beautiful, lean muscles while ensuring your repair and recovery after the workout. Along with the BCAA’s and glutamine, BeautyRecover® also contains an electrolyte blend to restore the key micronutrients that were lost during your training session, giving your body the perfect storm of amino acids and nutrients to enhance your body’s anabolic environment.

Who is BeautyRecover® Designed for?

We are all busy juggling families, jobs, social commitments and our daily fitness regimes, and this can all take a toll on our body, depriving us of key nutrients needed for overall health, wellness and vitality. BeautyRecover® will fit seamlessly into your day and make sure that your body stays balanced and functioning optimally.

BeautyRecover® has also been utilized by top female athletes, along with bikini, figure and physique competitors all use this scientifically formulated supplement to enhance the body’s ability to turn on the protein synthesis process while also ensuring adequate repair and recovery. BeautyRecover® ensures that you continue to build beautiful, lean muscle through increased energy during workouts and an accelerated recovery after.

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