Bum Scrub Bundle

BeautyBum, BeautyScrub & BeautyBronze

The results from customers who have purchased BeautyBum and BeautyBum Scrub have been so amazing, that it only made sense for us to create a system which allows you to benefit from both of these products. And best of all, you get this amazing two-step system at a discounted price. Plus FREE BeautyBronze Sunless Tanning Lotion!


BeautyBum (8 oz. Tube): Muscle Toning Lotion
Choose Your Favorite Scent: Juicy Watermelon, Bubblegum Strawberry, Chocolate Cake, Cotton Candy, Glamorous Gardenia, Original, Peach Bottom, Plush Pear, Passion Plumeria, Royal Rose, Sensual Sweet Pea, Vanilla Shuga

BeautyBum Scrub (8 oz. Tube): Body Scrub & Polish
Scent: Caribbean Coconut

FREE BeautyBronze (6 oz. Tube): Sunless Tanning Lotion
Scents: Caribbean Coconut, Vanilla Shuga

You Save $55 (Over 45% OFF)

Product Details


Muscle Toning Lotion

BeautyBum is an advanced transdermal toning lotion that has been proven to promote tight, firmed and toned skin to the specified area of the body. This advanced formula has been developed to work on the selected body part of your choice and will give you remarkable results.

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BeautyBum Scrub

Body Scrub & Polish

Smooth skin never looked, felt, or smelled better than it does after including BeautyBum Scrub in your bathing routine. From the makers of BeautyBum comes the next installment of skin beautifying products to nourish and revitalize your skin with the help of ingredients like vitamin E and coconut oil.

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Sunless Tanning Lotion

BeautyBronze is an industry-changing self-tanning lotion with added ingredients to help improve your skin’s health and leave you feel silky smooth all-day long.

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