Pamper Kit


The Official BeautyFit® Pamper Kit is a great combination of BeautyFit® products to help you replenish vital nutrients for your hair & skin, maximize weight loss and support a natural daily cleanse.


BeautySlender® (120 Softgels): Maximize Weight Loss & Lean Muscle

BeautyEssentials® (60 Capsules): Hair-Skin-Nails Formula

BeautyCleanse® (90 Capsules): Natural Daily Detoxification

FREE Download - Lean Out Clean Out: 4 Week Meal, Nutrition & Recipe Guide

Save Over $176

Includes FREE 4-Week Lean-Out, Clean-Out Program worth $149.00!

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Maximize Weight Loss & Lean Muscle

BeautySlender®’s proprietary blend helps to stimulate the actual breakdown of fatty acids in your body, (known as lipolysis) while helping your body to naturally increase basal metabolic rates and help to create an optimal muscle to fat ratio. The combination of EFA’s in BeautySlender® helps to protect the body against oxidative stress and damage, improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails while keeping the immune system strong.

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Hair-Skin-Nails Formula

BeautyEssentials® Offers Nutrients That Work To Optimize Tissue Production Of Proteins Needed For The Development Of Healthy And Strong Hair, Skin And Nails. BeautyEssentials® also ensures the appearance of the skin remains youthful and fresh by offering Type II Collagen – also known as hyaluronic acid and the natural sulfur providing compound MSM, which are both needed for structural collagen production and healthy tissue development.

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Natural Daily Detoxification

BeautyCleanse® is a gentle, non-laxative herbal detox blend that supports the body's seven channels of elimination, including the three major organs of detoxification — the liver, lungs, and kidneys. 32 ingredients, including 21 natural herbs such as Spirulina, Turmeric Root, and Dandelion leaf, work to stimulate liver cleansing, increase blood flow to the kidneys, and maintain elimination through the intestinal tract.

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Lean Out Clean Out
4 Week Meal, Nutrition & Recipe Guide

With the 4 Week Lean Out Clean Out program, I provide all my clients with nutritional coaching and guidance, and over the years so many have come to me feeling overwhelmed with all the information that’s out there and struggling to figure out how to make it all work with their busy schedules. This guide is for all of you who want some clear, easy to follow guidance on how to make healthy eating a part of your daily lifestyle. This plan will give you everything you need to plan and prepare healthy, balanced and delicious meals for an entire month!

Here’s What You Get:
• 4 full weeks of meal planning
• Over 40 delicious, clean, healthy recipes
• Grocery list for each week
• Kitchen essentials and meal prep tips and tricks
• Fruits and veggies quick-reference guide
• Bonus “Clean Sweets” recipes
• Bonus salad dressing and shakes recipes

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