Women's Health Stack

BeautyBalance 60 Capsules
BeautyRetic 60 Capsules

Lessen the common symptoms of PMS and reduce water-retention and bloating with the Women's Health Stack from the experts at BeautyFit®. When you stack you save!


►BeautyBalance 60 Capsules ($36.99 Value)
Advanced PMS Formula
►BeautyRetic 60 Capsules ($29.99 Value)
Maximum Strength Natural Diuretic

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Product Details

BeautyBalance 60 Capsules
Advanced PMS Formula

BeautyBalance® is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients to keep your body functioning optimally, by reducing the common symptoms of PMS including sugar cravings, bloating, water retention and cramping. BeautyBalance helps stabilize fluctuations in hormone levels that occur during the onset of PMS, specifically drops in levels of estrogen and progesterone, causing many unwanted side effects. BeautyBalance®'s unique formulation helps keep your PMS symptoms under control.

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BeautyRetic 60 CAPSULES
Maximum strength natural diuretic

In just 8 hours, you'll feel the natural fluid reducing herbs found in BeautyRetic® going to work throughout your entire body: Hips, butt, legs, waist, arms, yes everywhere! Take it before stepping in that tight-fitting dress or use it to reduce water retention to look your best. BeautyRetic® delivers maximum water loss in minimal time. Evaporate and beautify!

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