3 Health Benefits of the Superfood Cacao

Cacao powder comes from raw cacao beans that are grown on small trees called Theobroma cacao; which translates from the Greek language to mean "Cacao, the food of the Gods".

Now that we know that the Gods love cacao, let's talk about why we should too!

  • ANTIOXIDANTS: Cacao powder is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains high levels of antioxidants that can help protect the body from free radicals such as sun exposure, pollution, and cigarette smoke, all of which can cause cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • ANTIDEPRESSANT: The nutrients in cacao powder are best known for elevating mood, boosting endorphins and serotonin levels which all help combat depression.
  • DIGESTION: A full serving of cacao powder also provides enough fiber to keep your digestive tract moving and helps to stimulate the body's production of digestive enzymes.

Cacao powder also includes vitamins and minerals such as protein, iron, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins B and E, to name a few.

So the next time you are making a protein shake, go ahead and add in some cacao powder without the guilt!