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BeautyFit® Acquires Industry Leading Competition Tanning Pioneer Liquid Sun Rayz®

Cincinnati, OH - Liquid Sun Rayz® (LSR), a leader in competition sunless tanning, has been acquired by BeautyFit®, a cutting-edge sports nutrition company, geared towards women and fitness.

The acquisition is part of BeautyFit®'s broad based initiative to grow its portfolio in the fit lifestyle category while delivering the highest quality products to the world's most dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

BeautyFit® CEO Jimmy Mentis has over 25 years of experience as a trusted trainer and sports nutrition brand manager. When he formed BeautyFit® his goal was to create a movement. His endeavors are closely tied to the company’s philosophy of educating and inspiring women to look and feel beautiful, a vision shared by Liquid Sun Rayz®.

Formed in 2005 by Marilyn Spatola, a 35-year veteran of the medical field, the company was built on the importance of nurturing and protecting the skin. Spatola developed LSR’s naturally based skin care products and cutting-edge competition bronzers and everyday sunless tanners. The company currently sponsors many of the top physiques in the industry.

According to Mentis, "This acquisition was a natural fit for us. Our family of customers is already enjoying our existing line of supplements and skin care products. Now we are well positioned to offer customers the highest quality natural tanning products.”

Mentis was also attracted to the Liquid Sun Rayz® team and how they work seamlessly backstage during the sometimes hectic and chaotic competition events. Furthermore, he states, he loves the family atmosphere that Spatola has created within LSR.

Spatola added, I am proud of Liquid Sun Rayz® and the quality of products and services that we have built over the last 13 years and we look forward to working with Jimmy and BeautyFit®. We will offer to our athletes and competitors worldwide a product line that will enhance their experience both on stage and off and in their everyday lives.

The initial plan is to expand LSR’s international reach with a focus on retail and expanded distribution. Be on the lookout for more innovation, product development and new opportunities to join the BeautyFit® and Liquid Sun Rayz® team!

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-- Pamela McMullen