Beautifully Balanced

Beautifully Balanced

Beautifully Balanced: Is this possible?

So the idea of balance – all things in life receiving equal time, equal emotion and equal enjoyment seems like some trendy idea that we all love to say exists in our lives while we are all running around like crazy little ants, desperately trying to survive...right? So when I bring this concept up to my clients, whether it’s at our first consultation or in the middle of a grueling Plyo workout, there almost always seems to be that all-knowing look that even though they will nod their head at the importance of this concept, they know that it will never exist in their life…so maybe we need to be clear on what balance is really about – right

What balance is not is desperately trying to jam pack your day with so many tasks and to-do’s that all deserve “equal time” that you end up becoming so overwhelmed or exhausted that you collapse on the couch, emotionally defeated, convincing yourself that you deserve some “down time.”

Balance is thinking about what is most important to you to be a happy, healthy and successful person, and then making sure to dedicate the time and energy to these things to continue to grow and learn and be successful in your life endeavors. Our jobs, kids, pets all need time and nurturing, and household chores have to be done and do have their place, along with taking care of ourselves through exercise, nutrition, proper rest, but if you schedule out the time for these tasks and prioritize, balance can be achieved

Balance is also a mental thing too – right?

Becoming too over analytical or critical about one area of your life can lead you into a vicious cycle of defeat and inadequacy. If working out is important to you and something unavoidable happens in your day (i.e. new project at work with an immediate deadline, or coming down with the flu) resting and taking a break from the workout is more than okay, it’s necessary, and continually beating yourself up about it is about as logical as trying to solve algebra equations by chewing bubble gum! (THANK YOU BAZ LUHRMANN

Balance is something I constantly work on. I love all things fitness, nutrition, new workout equipment, new workout clothes, workout magazines (heck I write for several!!! ) teaching and working with my students, but other areas of my life such as my husband, friends, family and of course my dogs all deserve my time and attention, and I enjoy every minute I spend with them. While often we do something physical together, having a quiet evening in with a glass of wine (yes, a glass of, hello, BALANCE :) Or enjoying an evening grilling some delicious food and listening to great music with friends are a part of my life as well.

So, think about it — what lack are you constantly feeling in your life? This feeling is nagging for a reason... so listen to it! ☺

Here are some thoughts to help you identify if you are feeling stretched a bit too thin:

  • Protect Your “Yes” Carefully: It’s easy to fall into the “people pleaser” realm when wanting to stay engaged with friends, family, and social activities, but when it begins to take away from time and tasks that are important to you such as exercising, spending time with your significant other, allowing quiet recharge time (could be meditation or reading for example) or impacting your rest and sleep in turn leaving you exhausted for work and important tasks, it’s time to say NO. There are a finite amount of hours in the day, so make sure to prioritize and plan, and be okay with turning some things down.
  • Let Go Of Perfection And Guilt: This is a tough one for me, as I am always challenging myself to grow and achieve, but it’s important to release the unnecessary pressure to be perfect. Be compassionate with yourself and allow grace and forgiveness for yourself. Perfection is a mythical creature galloping through the clouds, impossible to catch.
  • Complete The Hard Stuff First: By taking tasks off your plate that is difficult or that you may not enjoy doing, you open your energy and your thought patterns to a more positive realm, and the gratification you will experience from taking these tough tasks off your plate will fuel all of your other endeavors. This will also help immensely with time management and get more accomplished throughout your day that is important to you without feeling drained and exhausted.
  • Avoid Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: If you are constantly walking around saying, “I’m so stressed” or “I don’t have the time” or “I’m just exhausted and too busy” these little sayings will begin to take root. Focus on what you do have control over and the things in your life that are positive and that you are doing well. Remind yourself that we all have busy schedules, tough times, and a lot to do, but by remembering what you are thankful for and reminding yourself of all the things you do that are really great and positive, you can begin to rewrite the story that you tell yourself each day and create a brighter, lighter day that is more enjoyable and productive.

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Lindsay Kent