Better Glutes: Build Them & They Will Come

Better Glutes: Build Them & They Will Come

Do you envy the women that have nice round bottoms? Are you tired of your backside looking shapeless or being so full that you can’t tell if it is your waist or your leg? Rarely, do you see a woman with a great body wearing a full coverage one piece bathing suit. The better we feel about our body the more skin or tighter fitted clothes we are willing to show. Well ladies, it’s simple…If you get into shape, you can avoid all the bathing suit hoopla and feel better about that terribly lit dressing room encounter.

Here are my "Top Ten" tricks for taking a flat butt to a full bottom, so that you have glorious glutes too. If you are a male, I suggest you read this as well, because we all know how ridiculous the image is of that man at the gym who doesn’t bother to train lower body but focuses solely on the size of his upper body. He’s got no glutes, Popsicle stick legs an awkwardly disproportionate upper body.

  1. Load Your Protein - 1 gram per lb of body weight. Have protein with every meal. If you want to grow more muscle make it 1.5 grams of protein with each meal or 2 x how much lean muscle you have! Know the math in order to figure out what you body fat % is, how much fat and how much muscle you are carrying and get 2 x the amount of lean muscle mass that you come up with to ensure you grow! But keep in mind, you then have to work it and do mass building booty exercises.
  2. Never Go On A Fat Free Diet - Always incorporate healthy Omega Three Fats. Have that avacado, portion control, but do have nuts without the extra salt. Some fat in the diet is key to keep your booty full & round.
  3. Zig Zag Your Eating - Eat a low calorie, high protein diet for 2 weeks and then higher calories with carbs for 2 weeks. This way you don’t gain weight all over and continue to stay lean in your abs, hips and thighs.
  4. Load Your Squats, Work More With Single Leg Exercise - Use the Leg Press Machine with legs high up and very your stance, pressing into your heels. Work with a variety of lunges with heavy weights every other week. Train with light weight, sprints, plyos, hills, and the Stairmaster for every 2nd and 4th week. This will also help you with the GLUTE-HAM tie in.
  5. Work Those Hamstrings - Be sure to add step ups on a bench into your routine to get the muscle under the glutes.
  6. Try Kickboxing & Step Classes - Do lots of deep squatting plyos!
  7. Get On Your Hands & Knees - I love straight leg kick backs, donkey kicks, get down on your hands and knees with ankle weights and bend that knee pushing up up up to the ceiling with that leg. This will keep it lifted.
  8. To Squeeze It In You Have To Do Outer Abductor WorkThis is how you pack it all in! Along with side leg lifts and fire hydrants. Think of doe. When working with it before you bake, you are packing it all into a tight ball!
  9. Keep Your Body Fat Down - Most importantly if you keep your body fat down in other areas, such as your tummy and legs, it will accentuate those glutes even more! Nothing like a flat tummy and bringing down the leg size to ensure that booty pops!
  10. Skip The Plastic Surgery And Do The Work - Believe it or not, my buttocks is 100% muscle and body fat… No plastic surgery or implants for my derriere. Yes, some people cheat and get injections and implants in their glutes. The health and safety risks do not outweigh the cost. As you age, those implants will need adjustments and will look awful.

Do It Naturally With Diet & Exercise!

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