Booty Building Circuit

Booty Building Circuit

I hope you enjoy this booty building tri-set and video demonstration! Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and add some weight especially on the hip thrusts. No glute day is complete without applying your BeautyBum first!

These 3 exercises are to be performed as a circuit.

You do not rest until you have completed all 3 exercises and then rest for 60-75 secs and perform again. If you are doing this routine as a separate workout then I would suggest completing a total of 5 rounds but if you are adding it to the end of a leg day then I would suggest only 3 rounds and resting for 90 secs.

  1. Barbell Hip Thrust- Use a slingshot/band around knees. Use a 3-4 sec eccentric and hard 2 sec flex on every rep. Remember to drive those knees out at the top and really squeeze! Sets of 8
  2. Smith Machine Kneeling Squat With Band –Attach the band on the lower bars as shown in the video. It does not take a lot of resistance. Sets of 12-15.
  3. Dumbbell Sumo Squat– Stand just outside shoulder width with feet only angled out 5 degrees. Think of hinging at the hip, keeping shoulders back and shins in line with your knees. Sets of 10-12

Train hard and stay #beautyfitstrong!