Open Up To Your Vast Potential – Detox Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Open Up To Your Vast Potential – Detox Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Many of us are surrounded by toxic attitudes, behaviors, and influences that put your mind, body, and soul in danger. You can’t always avoid contact with toxins, but you can avoid being contaminated by them. Getting your body in a place that is clean and healthy is one thing and it has many benefits. However, rather than just cleanse or detox your body, it’s best to dive deeper and reflect on some areas of your life that you feel need to be purified. Begin with your mind and see how that alone is contaminating your spirit. This is the driver behind every choice you make.

You really want to make a dent and dig in, in a way that will make a lasting difference, consider doing an overall purification program that involves not just your body, but mind and spirit. It’s time to get real. In order to get real, you must be willing to detach and let go of what you have a warped perspective or relationship with. Addictions fall under this category, but do make letting go complicated. In order to free yourself from addiction, replace it with something positive like exercise or preoccupying your time with something else. Eventually, the attachment will subside. Develop new patterns by shifting out of the old ones. The heaviest toxics may exist right in some of your closest relationships. This can bring up a lot of fear. What if you have to face this fear? Are you ready? Can you let go or can you shift things in a way that you are not completely eliminating something or someone in your life, but shifting your perspective enough to keep it healthy for you?

Because of toxics, many suffer from not being able to lose weight, gain energy, struggle with many chronic diseases, have compromised immune systems, are aging quickly, have poor skin and circulation, constipation and more. A whole life detox is a way to good health because it will restore balance to all of your systems without feeling limited or riddled by obstacles. Obstacles come in many shapes and forms. How deep you are in the bull crap will determine how much cleaning up there is to do. Your home may be a reflection of your mind, your body may be hurting because you have held anger in it for years and that fire within is burning you up inside, your spirit may feel it’s in a private prison fantasizing about what it is to soar. You know the truth, you know in your heart, but do you listen to it?

There are two types of limits. There are “limiting limits”. These are actual, real obstacles that define your ability to reach your potential. There are also “limitless limits”. These are the limits that we think or imagine to be limiting. The average human being uses only 15% of his or her physical and mental potential. We are conditioned to limit ourselves based on the voices of our family members and society. Many of the limits that we impose on ourselves are fear-based. Many of us have bought into the stories of self-limitations. Whatever you imagine your limitations in life to be, if you trust your capacity to grow and take the steps to do so, you have a chance to explore your full potential. The first step is not to focus on the goal and what you want to happen, but rather to pay attention to what ropes and ties are binding you. What is holding you back?

Let’s call it an Elimination Program. You are going to figure out all the things that hold you back from reaching your potential. The list of things you will investigate begins first and foremost with the subconscious. We have to look at the mind and spirit. You have to see where you need to purify. Use the elimination program you are custom designing for you and only you, as a symbol of doing inner and outer house cleaning. What is leftover at the end will be the big reveal and it is a reflection of what really has value to you.

The first step when it comes to gaining clarity is to purify your body, mind and spirit. This is the Holy Trinity in your life. This is your vehicle and not one part of these three things work separately from another. It is important that all are in balance so the whole trinity is in the right relationship. Our body, mind, and spirit when in alignment are how we propel to new heights and have the ability to do things others may see as pure magic. It gives us a feeling of being able to conquer the world with nothing holding us back. We have wings! There is no better way to see the path before you than to remove the distractions of the mind and body that can cloud your judgment and cause you to make bad choices and live in stuck harmful patterns. You don’t want to be a dog chasing its own tail your whole lifetime, right? So you must get down and dirty and start excavating the crud and clear it out. No time like now.

It’s important that you take a hard look at your belief systems and where your doubts and fears stem from. We are the ones keeping our past alive. We are the ones choosing to stay when we know we must go. We chose not to change and often know when we are putting something unhealthy in our bodies. We know when someone does not have good intentions and we still surround ourselves with them. We enable others and ourselves. Sometimes, we do it unconsciously, but often we are guilty of taking the easy way out. Most often we take the easy way out.

Who you surround yourself with plays a big part in how you act out in your daily life. It takes courage to break out of the mold of your immediate family ties and closest friendships. Your community may be a dead weight in your life. If you are going to grow and expand, you must break free, of all things limiting you. Let yourself develop new edges and beware of comfort zones. Yoga is a great exercise that works to purify the body, mind, and spirit. The ancients knew all about the distractions of the mind and body. There are many Sanskrit texts about this very issue. Self-study was hip even then. Nothing you do has to be extreme or miserable, you can find ways to make this new project of yours an amazing experience.

Just keep in mind, every time you find yourself “humming and hawing” that there is a message for you. You are in a comfort zone and what is uncomfortable may be your much-needed teacher. It may, in fact, be the antidote to bring balance. It’s like a muscle. You may hate doing squats because they hurt your glutes. They hurt because they are weak. You want to get them stronger; you need to do more squats or glute strengthening exercises.

The more you practice letting go and detachment the more you gain momentum and become more courageous. You realize you can live and live a lot better without the things that are no longer in your life sucking up your life force and energy. Once you experience the purity in your life, you will love the experience and want more of it. You will have less tolerance for drama, negativity, and people who are not a part of your value system. You will want to eat in a way that supports your body rather than contaminate it. When we take care of ourselves, we can help others and be there more in a way that is centered. While doing this, it is suggested that you make yourself a priority and do a lot of self-care so you stay strong through the process.

The more you clean house and detox your life, the more you will find the real you and recognize some of the negative ties that are binding you. You will also see the choices you can make and things in your life that support you. It’s not a mystery anymore. Your life will flow with more synchronicity. You will get validation that this is working. You will see clearly the good, the bad and the ugly. The “ah-ha” moments will inspire you to make adjustments and you may find that NOT every part of this process will torture you with relentless hard work and painful sacrifices. Get ready to purge what you no longer need in your life.

Here are my suggestions on how to cleanse, purify and detox your body, mind, and spirit:

  1. Realize that every thought you let into your mind counts. Your mind has a direct effect on whether you are going to grow and develop coming as close to your potential as possible or not. All the choices you make each and every day has a significant effect on your soul. Spiritual battles are won or lost in the mind. Notice what you focus on. Your thoughts shift and shape who you become and the choices you make. Focus on thoughts that are true, right, pure, loving, supportive and positive. It may seem a bit like you are living in “la-la land” but you can really create your own reality and so be it! La la land is better than self created hell.
  2. Replace all the lies in your life with the truth. Learn to discern between the lies in your life and the truth. Notice when you are not being honest about how you feel and whom you surround yourself with. The choices you make every day should reflect the truth of who you are and what you value. Choose positive words and avoid negative words. Words bring about good or evil. Positive words that are based on core truths are healing and create the right relationships. It may be hard at first. Those “little white lies” even need to go. Find out why you are telling them. What are you afraid of? When people speak to you determine if what they are saying resonates in a way you trust and feel are true.
  3. It’s important to always pay attention to self-talk. If you want to find the right intimate partner or lose weight, there is no coincidence that what you feel about yourself is projected to how you care for yourself. When you love yourself, you are more open to finding a loving confident partner who is less likely to be broken or abusive. When you feed yourself healthy foods and treat your body like a temple, your body has a chance to come into balance.
    Forgive Yourself. Let go of all the things you have done that you feel are sins. The deceptions do more damage than anything. The guilt and shame alone are lethal and poison our spirit. It’s important that you get perspective and look back from a wise soul’s perspective as to why? Maybe you can open your heart to yourself more and ask yourself, “What would wisdom and love say about this situation?” Separating yourself from it is a great way to view it as an outsider looking in so you can nurture your soul with more understanding. Let the past go and correct what was wrong today. You have a chance for a fresh start at any given moment that you choose.
  4. Remove toxins from your environment. Many products contain toxins that cause cancer. It’s important that you recognize the poisons right in your pantry. Check out your cleaning supplies, food products and beauty aids you are using each and every day. If you can’t read what is on the label or have an understanding of what is in something, you can always search for it online. Be sure you really want that in your system. Remembering that your skin is your largest organ and it takes in, like a sponge, everything you put on it topically. Read the labels. Get smart and educated on what can be harming you and your family that can be eliminated and replaced with something natural and non-harmful.
  5. Surround yourself with nature. Be sure to get sunlight and surround yourself by light, especially in the day. Enjoy outdoor walks and visits to natural parks and places to ensure you keep perspective. Nature is a great reminder of how vast the universe is. It also will remind you of how everything works for “homeostasis”. Bringing balance is the way to ensure you survive and live well this lifetime. Just like the animals, we sense things around us. Developing your senses and intuition can ensure that you are not clouded by your own judgments or the judgments of others, but can make the right choices. Trust the wise teacher within and pay attention to the lessons of the beauty of Mother Earth.
  6. Do a nutrition-based detox, fast or cleanse to purify your body. A detox generally means cleaning the blood by removing impurities from the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph, and skin. When these systems are not filtering properly every cell in your body is at risk and can be adversely affected. If you decide to fast, you are giving your organs a rest. If you feel sluggish, out of sync or are struggling with weight loss, these methods may be a solution for you. Even skin problems, digestive disorders, and skin problems can be improved. It’s a great way to symbolically reset your system and do it as a time you want to reset your life.

You don’t have to go on a strict program to cleanse your body or your life. You can make little shifts and changes each day to improve your health and well-being. Even a good house cleaning can go a long way. If you want to feel good and take advantage of this lifetime, you have to get out of your own way.

Only limit yourself when it’s useful and makes sense to your safety and well-being. Trust the power within and use it. Start with a beginner's mind, humility and totally emptying. This will precondition you for unlimitedness and full expansion of who you are and are meant to be.

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