Getting Out Of A slump

Getting Out Of A slump


Trapped in a self-sabotaging, unhappy state of mind. Have you been there? I know I have. I have those days where I look at myself and think, I suck. I’m not pretty; I’m not fit; I’m not smart; Do you ever find yourself feeling down for one reason or another? This can be a very dangerous cycle. A cycle that leads to an even deeper and darker place. A bottomless pit that with each and every thought you fall deeper and deeper into the darkness. Personally, I am all about the light. Today beauties, I want to give you my steps for getting out of a slump.

Essentially, everything is our own fault.

What?! Have I totally lost you here? Well, let me explain. The first step to changing your mindset and shaking that feeling of unworthiness, is to acknowledge that whatever circumstance you’re in, however you are feeling, it is YOUR fault you feel that way. Once you accept responsibility for a circumstance, you now have the power to change it. Did you gain 15 lbs over winter and now you feel terrible about yourself in a bikini? Did you buy a car that was too expensive for you and now you can’t pay the rest of your bills? Here we have step 1: everything is my fault. Now beauties, YOU have the power; because it is your fault YOU have the power to change it.

Next, let’s think about how you got here.

Take the first circumstance for instance. You have gained 15 lbs. Did you stop exercising? Did you eat out every day? Did you overindulge at meals? How did you get here? Find the path that has led you to the place you are. Now, let’s focus on the goal. “I want to lose 15 lbs.” Just like you took steps to get to the feelings you have now, let’s take DIFFERENT steps and follow a DIFFERENT path that will take us to a better result. You stopped going to the gym because your daughter now has dance at 5:30pm everyday which used to be your gym time. Well, how about you get up an hour earlier every day. What if you ran outside the dance studio while your daughter has rehearsal. There is a solution, you just have to find it.

Ultimately, you have the power to change any circumstance. While some situations may make you feel powerless or trapped, there is always a way out. Sometimes it just takes a few moments of self-reflection to draw a new path.

Remember, you are strong; you are beautiful; you are beauty strong.

Until next time beauties!