Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Be Your Own Hero, Know Your Agenda & Don’t Worry About Watching Your Back

Did you know that no matter what you do for some people they still will hurt you, talk about and undermine you? This is common when people are in "competition mode".

It's a real WOW moment when you realize the who did what to you! How do people justify their own bad behaviors. By slandering and gossiping about you. Cut down the competition. Try to eliminate the threat to their survival or success. The truth that you have one them can be scary! Great way to escape what they do they know is wrong. The hardest thing is to say and do NOTHING. To know all of this and yet stand tall and stay on the up! It's not easy. I have failed at times, but it's a great practice.

So what can you do to stay sane and keep succeeding?

Simple. Just keep doing you. I have yet to not recover from their insanity and strategies. I win in my mind, by not letting them win my attention or putting anymore of my valuable energy towards it. I don't read their posts, I disengage, I do not want to know what's up with them. I don't look where I don't want to know or go. That is the antidote.

I also learned people will lie to gain and do whatever to serve their own agenda. There are some unsuspecting characters who do this stuff too. Especially, when they are threatened by you because they know you know they "ain't right"! It goes on all day in businesses not just Competition World.

When I saw signs of this I did try to figure out a way, but learned when you see shady behavior cut people out quick. Negative ties are like bad weeds. Good people try to work with people, build them up, but your level of compassion may screw you. The smart business move is to detach from it and cut them out mentally. Don't try so hard with them or fix it. Just put your energy elsewhere.

I'm a fixer. I enjoy helping people and sometimes at my own demise. Boundaries and detachment are loving because it does not enable bad behavior and separates you from it so you can witness it at a distance. When your emotions are free you can watch and expect these individuals to set fires. They will be angry you don't want to play with them. It's like a three year old throwing a temper tantrum when they don't get their way. This is what low level people do because they are on a low level.

But notice even well after you that their dramas are still going on with others. See the fires 🔥 Don't be a fire fighter just move on. I am always grateful to be away from people like this after. I've even thought about sending out "thank you" notes saying, "thank you for showing me your true colors! 😏 It's draining and it's uncomfortable to not trust someone's next move. No coach or friend wants to be on egg shells with Slim Shady's and bullies. They need packs of people like them to be cool and the only people who follow them are on this wavelength so let them go and all who go with them. People who listen to them are gossips anyways and they are looking for FOOD.

So what can you do about it?

Nothing. I could of posted, I could of sued and I could of tarnished their reputation as they tried to at times mine, but then I am on their level. Instead I learned value in it all. I learned to be strong about who I am and what I stand for and JUST WATCH AND WAIT. They never get far.

All you can do when things like this happen is:

  • Expect it and keep rolling with the punches.
  • Savor those who are loyal and respect you in the moment.
  • Know your enemies and don't try to friend them because it will never work. Insincerity breeds more insincerity.
  • Keep working, keep shinning and keep helping those who are willing to respect you and your practices.
  • Cherish people who respect you enough to respect the hard work you have done to develop yourself the right way.
  • Let their own karma teach and take care of them. I have seen it do so in every instance. It didn't happen right away, it happened right when they were feeling they were at the top of their game. 😏

My business is my baby and the good news is no one can duplicate you. In retrospect non really succeeded at much because you can only get so far without the right foundation. Eventually, bad behavior catches up with people who are bad. And when they are succeeding it's because people are conned by them. They are just good at bad. Sometimes when they succeed it's all good too if you helped them build that right foundation. Often karma comes around and they will be handed the very lessons you were by them about character by others. They will see how it feels when they experience the competitive nature of others.

I know many have done well on stage and even professionally on some levels because I helped them develop what they needed and just that - the right foundation. I didn't sit back and allow myself to be a victim. I brought it to light. "This is what you are doing that is wrong. This is the ethically right way to do it." Some listen, but some don't want growth. If you watch from a far after you can see the instability much more clearly. How can i regret that. Trying to stabilize an unstable person is like taming a wild horse. Keeping some people is impossible because they are going to do what they are going to do and I would exhaust myself chasing the unstable.

But I do smile at times knowing the opportunity for us all to transform. I don't need credit for everything. I just know in my heart that I had an impact on them. Many come back later apologizing or realizing later what it was like to walk in my shoes. They learn they may of listened to others not on the up versus trusting someone helpful to them. So do you and never regret helping others. You are a good person for that always and forever. Your soul knows the truth and that's what matters.