How to Age Gracefully & Graciously

How to Age Gracefully & Graciously

They say 50 is the new 40. But, truthfully, I feel like it's the new 30.

You never really change that much. You are always the same person on the inside. Sure you do evolve and develop new levels of awareness, but you are at your core, the same. Life is a magical thing. Your body changes and evolves in so many different ways. You can't imagine at times someone who was once 300 lbs over weight, could one day be 130lbs. You could not imagine that a child from horrible circumstances could become a doctor. You can do amazing things with your body and your life at any age. You may not be able to turn back the clock, but you can certainly make your future brighter and more interesting.

What is important is that you be creative with your thinking. How can you spice it up a bit and make yourself less ordinary and more extraordinary.

Here are a few of my tips:

  • Change your image. Find a new style that really let's your personality shine through. I love a classy, yet sexy tailored look, but I also go for a more spiritual like bohemian chic. During the day my job has me in workout attire, so sport clothes are something I don't enjoy spending as much time in, post workout hours.
  • Have someone teach you how to do your make up to enhance your beauty. Learn what colors brighten your eyes. Go for a new day and night look. Don't change your make up too much unless you really enjoy that. You can actually work the same two look for almost every outfit you wear, if you do this right.
  • Find new hobbies and interests. This is a great way to evolve your networks. There are so many fun and interesting things to do out there. If you decide to try a 5k, go on a group hike or travel in a group, you may meet some new and interesting people. You can even take an art or sculpting class. Do something out of your comfort zone and just trust that it will turn into something more. Even if it is just one more experience under your belt.
  • Rather than go to the same restaurants or travel to the same places, check out new digs and look for travel adventures outside of what most people do. How many times can one go to Vegas, Miami, LA, NYC, Greece, Italy or London. Sure they are great places to go to and some of my favorites, but you should see as many places this lifetime if you really want to get to experience it all!
  • If you go to a med spa to enhance your beauty, be sure you do minimal treatments. Keep it natural. Don't try to change who you are. We all know when you are doing that! It doesn't look normal on you or me, for that matter. Pick and choose a doctor who is an artist. You can add a little of this and that and people will tell you that you look amazing for your age. That's a compliment. You will never be 20 or 30 again so don't go for that! You want to be content with your age, but only because you have no choice. You are aging. Accept it.
  • Accept your life and circumstances and make the most with it. Be realistic with your skills and what you can do to build them. Go back to school. Take a certification course if you need to expand your education, but can't afford college. Just do what you can to move towards brilliance.
  • Choose your friends wisely. It's better to be ALONE than around people who are negative, broken, manipulative, over party and bring you down. You need to surround yourself with the best. Building networks is a powerful thing. You must care about the impression you make. Give back to those around you and always say thank you. You will find how karma works. What you give out to the universe, you receive! It's not always from who you feel should appreciate you, but it comes back double with someone new in your life who is a giver.
  • Take time to go through your how and tidy up. Look at everything in your home. Ask yourself, "Does this having meaning to me?" and "Does it have a purpose". Let go of hoarding and hanging on to things that just sit there consuming your "chi".

This lifetime is all about you creating a life you can be proud and content with.

Living simply is a great goal. If you keep things simple you save a lot of energy. Over time you will develop a vibe that people sense about you. Everything you post, say and do, should be of high vibration. When you operate this way you attract exactly what most humans are looking for. LOVE.

On February 25, 2018, I turned 50. When I look back at all the hills and valleys from this mountaintop, I realize I have accomplished a lot to be proud of. Just being able to give myself credit and to recognize that I have manifested so much beauty is a great thing. I spent much of my life having to learn what is not the path.

Keep climbing, keep creating and keep giving back. Life will carry you on its wings and it can turn out to be more than you could ever imagine.