How to Start a Home Yoga Practice

by Melanie McCloy

How to Start a Home Yoga Practice

Yoga, from an outsider’s perspective, is intimidating. Magazines, social media and other yogis (including myself) portray a persona of flexible, outgoing, strong and willing to bend and twist their bodies into crazy looking shapes.

The photos and people can’t translate all of the magic that’s slowly unfolding, or it can’t give or show the ultimate feeling that comes after a dedicated practice of movement. It certainly can’t offer the state of peace that yoga brings to your life.

This post will be simple and straight to the point, with the ultimate goal of helping you to start a home yoga practice. While a yoga studio or your local gym is an incredible place to start your yoga journey, it can sometimes be too fast paced, expensive, too far away, or not convenient with your current schedule.

This is why a home yoga practice is SO IMPORTANT. It’s on your time, in your home, in a comfortable environment.

So why should you even start yoga? What’s all the hype about?

Here’s Why:

  • Gain flexibility and mobility throughout the entire body.
  • Gain strength and tone your muscles – with committed practice.
  • Learn to breathe deeply, like for real breathe (we rarely practice this on the day-to-day).
  • Learn to manage your stress levels.
  • Release tension – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Create space within yourself to let go of the old & welcome in the new.
  • Create and nourish a self-loving relationship to help promote growth & change within your life and your relationships.

These are just a few of the MANY benefits that yoga will create when practiced consistently.

I honestly can’t think of why you wouldn’t start today.

  1. Create a home space- A little place for you and your sticky mat to fit.
  2. Schedule time with yourself- Once a week to start. Commit ;)
  3. Choose a practice method- So many to choose from. One style that I teach is Vinyasa Flow. The poses flow from one to the other smoothly. This keeps the heart rate up.

Until next time.

With love and beauty,

Melanie McCloy
Melanie McCloy

AFAA Certified, Yoga Instructor, Fitness Model

My name is Melanie McCloy and I’ve been teaching and training for 26 years. I’m AFAA group exercise certified. PIYO certified and a Yoga instructor. Various other formats. I have a fitness blog myself and a fitness page I’m passionate about. It is strongfitandinspire.

Nutrition and exercise are a part of my everyday life. I’m a mother of three. The office manager of South Florida Skin Center. I recently went back to school and now I am a licensed Paralegal.

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