New Superfoods of the New Year

New Superfoods of the New Year

Happy New Year beauties! I’m sure we all have our New year’s resolution set and, like many people, some sort of health resolution is on the table. Every year millions of people resolve to be healthier, eat healthier and live healthier lives.

Here are my top 3 picks for the new super foods and how to incorporate them!

  1. Turmeric: This is a trend that caught wind towards the end of 2017 and has continued into the new year. Turmeric has a wide range of benefits from fighting cancer, reducing implication, and preventing signs of aging. Here is a delicious way to incorporate it into your daily life and start reaping the benefits.
    Turmeric Latte: Mix 1 scoop of turmeric powder (I use Golden milk brand) with 1/2c hot water 1/2c unsweetened almond milk, stevia and ½ scoop collagen powder. (you can also add black pepper to optimize absorption.) blend for 10 seconds (the collagen powder blended creates a froth.) ENJOY!
  2. Fermented Foods: these are becoming such a hot trend due to their probiotic properties and assistance in gut health. The process of fermentation involves converting bacteria into alcohol or acids (probiotics) which improve the immune system and promote healthy digestion. How can you add this into everyday? I enjoy sauerkraut in my egg white omelet in the mornings or add as a topping on salads.
  3. Moringas: This is a tree with the majority of its parts being edible. This new superfood contains protein, vitamin C and A, is loaded with antioxidants and has protective benefits on the heart, liver, lungs and kidney. Substitute spinach in eggs for morning leaves and start enjoying the benefits!

Ultimately, health should be a priority for all of us EVERYDAY not just the first few of the new year. Follow this SUPER easy tips to incorporate these top SUPER foods into your diet and reap the benefits all year long! Till next time beauties!

Till next time beauties!


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