Salt In Moderation Baby!

Salt In Moderation Baby!

How many of you have been told to cut out salt or watch your sodium intake?

Whether you are trying to lose weight, cut for a fitness competition, or tighten up a little for a special occasion, has anyone ever told you to get rid of the salt? Is this the answer to your weight loss goals? Today beauties I want to discuss with you the importance of sodium.

Essentially, sodium has gotten a bad rap over the last decade. Why? In this era our food is so overly processed and pumped full of chemicals and who knows what else, it’s excessive. It’s way more than our bodies were meant to handle. Anything in excess is bad for you; but, the right amount, the right amount is essential for normal bodily functions.

So, why do we need salt?

Your body cannot function without sodium period. Sodium is an electrolyte and contributes to muscle contraction, fluid maintenance, as well as regulating bodily fluids.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but here in Florida it is HOT! Walking outside to get the mail you will absolutely break a sweat. Most of you reading this, are not your “normal American.” If you are not an “athlete” you probably exercise and diet, and are training and pushing towards some sort of goal. Especially during these ridiculously smoldering summer months, making sure you are consuming the proper amount of sodium is so important. The more you sweat, the more sodium your body needs.

Salt plays an important role in preventing stroke, improving brain function, relieving muscle cramps, and can also be an anti-aging agent!

Now, The problem arises when you are getting sodium from overly processed foods. I’m not saying go out and get a burger and fries because it’s loaded with salt and that is fantastic for your body, absolutely not! However, getting salt from natural sources is the way to go.

Apples, cabbage, egg yolk, bananas, these are all excellent sources of sodium!

The best form of added salt comes in the form of Himalayan or sea salt. Want to indulge a little? Dark Chocolate contains sodium for a little special treat.

Ultimately, it comes back to moderation; Everything is good in moderation. Too much and you have hypertension, too little and your body won’t function. The best advice when it comes to sodium intake? Eat real foods and add salt when needed to add a little taste to food, it’s that simple.

Stay beautiful beauties! Until next time…


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  • Kathleen LaFrance

    Another aspect of salt intake that is way overlooked is that traditional table salt is so overprocessed that there are only 2 bits of minerals, while Himalayan, sea salt and celtic salt have over 80 minerals left that are helpful to bodily functions. As well, in celtic salt, there are up to 3 (or 4) forms of magnesium that help shuttle water in the body into the cells in the body. When we use regular table salt and people are concerned about edema, with only 2 minerals in the table salt, the water can cause problems because it has no where to go without the help of the magnesium/water shuttle process. With all that said, moderation is still the cue here. Good article, glad to see it!

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