Waist Training 101

Waist Training 101

Is waist training dangerous?

Is waist training permanent?

What exactly does proper waist training do?

I’m sure there are many more questions you have pertaining to this subject, but here are some answers to debunk any types of concerns you may have about PROPER waist training.

Society has categorized waist training as something that can potentially be dangerous. In the 1800’s, it was a dangerous trend. Corsets (not waist trainers) were used at a young age to enable a good posture. They were also acceptable to those who bore the pain to become more attractive. Back in those days, a tiny waist equaled more wealth and fairness. It was a fashion statement.

That is not so much the purpose of actual waist training.

  1. What is waist training? Waist training is the illusion of making your torso appear smaller creating an hourglass figure. It is a band of material that is tightly wrapped around the waist and lower rib cage to creating a slimming look. It can be used to everyday use and during exercise to increase sweating as well.
  2. Is waist training dangerous? Wearing waist trainers for an extensive period of time can cause harm. There are individuals are obsessed with achieving a slim look and do not take precautions that could affect their health. Wearing waist trainers for hours may cause chafing and rashes on the skin. There have been instances where organs were harmed and misplaced and this resulted in permanent damages. These are the practices that you should avoid.
  3. Are the results permanent? Unfortunately, no they are not. You need to continue wearing waist trainers to keep that slim hourglass figure, unless you are born with it (lucky). If you are not exercising or practicing proper nutrition, you are wasting your time and money.

What are some safe practices of waist training?

So I’ve listed a lot of negatives, but from my personal experience, this is how you should safely train:

  1. DO NOT clinch the trainer too tight. Make sure you are still able to breathe. You should be able to fit 2 fingers through the top and bottom of the trainer. Yes, there will be minor discomfort, but you should still be able to move freely and bend over.
  2. Incorporate your waist training with your cardio and lifting. Check out BeautyFit’s merchandise section and you will see there is a Waist Trimmer that velcros around your waist. This is an amazing tool to use (along with BeautyBum) to engage your core and rev up the temperature igniting the ULTIMATE sweat session! BeautyFit also has the Extreme Belt Waist Trainer & Shaper. I use this when I lift. It velcros safely around your waist and while it supports your midriff and lower back, it keeps you from working out your Oblique muscles. If you work out those core muscles too much, it creates a boxy look.

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  3. Do not wear your trainer for more than 4 hours. I understand that if you use the google machine, it states that you should wear your waist trainer for 8-10 hours but to me, that’s excessive. If you are on a proper diet and exercise plan, it is not needed for more than 4 hours. (You can even deduct the time from your cardio and lift sessions!)
  4. DRINK WATER! Along with the supplementation of waist training to help slim your core, water is what really gets the ball rolling! Drink AT LEAST a gallon of water a day!

So as we can see, waist training has some positive and negative side effects. If you conduct PROPER waist training, you will love your results and continue to build it into your healthy lifestyle.

To purchase your own waist trimmer or extreme belt waist trimmer & shaper check out BeautyFit's merchandise page... and maybe a BeautyBum too!

Reilly, Out!