Women & Chest Training

Women & Chest Training

Hey beauties!

I want to discuss a topic a lot of women are confused about... training their chest.

"Women shouldn’t train chest; women don’t need to train chest; women should train chest just like a man"

There are so many different rumors about how and what women should train. Well, I’m here today, as a woman (and yes a woman with implants) to tell you that you should...


First and foremost, not training any body part will cause imbalances in your body. If you train everything else accept your chest not only will you not be able to perform certain exercises properly, you could also cause serious injury. From personal experience I can tell you that this is VERY true. I spent years not training chest because, well, I bought myself one… so why do I need to work it out? Fast forward to present day, I have a severely weak and crippled rear deltoid now because of years of over compensating due to weak chesticles (that’s what I call them)

Another great benefit, strong triceps!!! For years I was striving for more defined triceps; I tried everything, I thought. Then I started training chest and all of a sudden. wow girl them triceps! Essentially, I’m not telling you to go challenge all the boys at the gym to a bench press contest; what I’m saying is train smart and productively.

These Are My Top 2 Exercises EVERY WOMAN should be doing:

  • Incline Chest Press: The important tip to note here is that the most important part of this exercise to squeeze your chest at the top. You do not need to push the weights together, simply push them up and squeeze your chest at the top. (For my ladies with implants: you want to be careful of how far you bring the weights down. NEVER go below parallel, and I actually like to stop the weights a little before that, right before I feel them pull to the side.)

    Stefanie Antorcha
  • Pushups: I like to do these until failure. Again, I never come all the way down to the floor just low enough to where I can feel my chest working.

Ultimately, you do not need to hit your 1 rep max here. My advice; train at a weight that is challenging for YOU. The word “heavy” is relative. What is heavy for me, may be light for you.

Do what feels right for you!

So, there you have it beauties. Train hard; train everything; and stay beautiful!