FREE BeautyBum® Samples

FREE BeautyBum® Samples

The Most Effective Toning Lotion On The Market!

BeautyBum® is an advanced transdermal toning lotion that has been proven to promote tight, firmed and toned skin to the specified area of the body. This advanced formula has been developed to work on the selected body part of your choice and will give you remarkable results. Heat activated BeautyBum® works by penetrating deep into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Once it reaches there, the active ingredients of BeautyBum® forces fatty tissues and cellulites to contract and release lipid particles into the bloodstream. With the regular use of this lotion these tissues shrink significantly and leaves your skin smoother, slimmer and healthier. BeautyBum® lotion is easy to apply.

FREE BeautyBum® Samples

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FREE BeautyBum® Samples

Clinical Evaluation By Experts

BeautyBum® with DermaCore® represents an outstanding breakthrough in the fight against cellulite. Studies have shown it reduces cellulite up to 63%, reduces thigh perimeter up to 3.1cm and improves the skin roughness (orange peel) up to 14.9% in only 56 days.

DermaCore® is made up of a synergistic combination of active ingredients specially formulated with our targeted advanced delivery system that maximizes fat burn lipolysis, minimizes lipids storage (lipogenesis) and inhibits the maturation of new adipocytes (adipogenesis).

DermaCore® encapsulates a plant extract that down regulates the genes involved in the differentiation and maturation of the adipocytes, including the enzymes involved in the differentiation and growth of the adipocytes and the ones involved in the fat storage. Using medical technology to direct the capsule to the target cell, this “smart” capsule identifies and directs itself only where needed thereby avoiding unwanted non-specific interactions with secondary cells. Maximum results and maximum efficacy are achieved when used consistent for minimum 14 days.

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