BeautyFit Ambassador Program FAQ

BeautyFit Mission

At BeautyFit, Our mission is to educate & inspire women in fitness nutrition and feel beautiful.

Balance is the key to supporting women's health and beauty needs. This involves a natural intent of wholeness of mind, body and soul. The physical beauty consists of combining healthy eating habits, positive mental attitude and regular exercise.

BeautyFit is dedicated in providing you the knowledge and quality tested products to promote overall wellness for you and your family. Let BeautyFit help you achieve the "Be Beautiful... Be You!" way of life. Get started today on the more beautiful you!

Responsibilities & Expectations of Ambassadors

  • Understanding of BeautyFit’s mission, new & current products.
  • Uses BeautyFit!
  • Social media expectations – BeautyFit currently operates Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and a company blog with story contributions. Ambassadors are expected to like/follow BeautyFit’s social pages and posts, frequently interact and support BeautyFit and their followers on the company channels.
  • Promote BeautyFit through Ambassador’s media channels.
  • When promoting BeautyFit via social media, running events, blog entries and or other websites, the Ambassador will make a BeautyFit product visible and according to FTC regulations hashtag accordingly, ie; #Ambassador #BeautyFitAmbassador, #Ad in addition to @beautyfit, and #teambeautyfit.
  • BeautyFit logos and/or stamp added to blog/website (if Ambassador has a website/blog) and other marketing channels.
  • Communicates with BeautyFit’s Community Manager when necessary.
  • Routinely participates in the program portal for social media logging and distribution.

Compensation & Perks

  • Priority consideration for unique social collaborations & campaigns.
  • Opportunities for monthly bonuses and prizes.
  • Ability to gain higher commissions and advance through the program.
  • Grow your following & empower your community.
  • Access to new products first in an exclusive rewards catalog.
  • Personalized Referral Link to share with friends.

“TeamFit” Discount Code

Every Ambassador is free to use the promotion code “TeamFit” to receive a 30% discount off of any order placed during the first 5 days of the month.

Please do not share or forward this code as this is exclusive to BeautyFit Ambassadors and we track every order and discount code used. Any abuse of this code will result in the termination of your ambassador account.

Ambassador Program Levels

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to advance in the program based on how many referral sales are contributed to BeautyFit.

Ambassador’s accounts will be tracked on a monthly basis and will receive an email with detailed information when a new level is reached.

An account will be upgraded to its next tier during the first week of the month after requirements are met.

Please see the details of each level below and note how many referrals orders will be needed to advance to the next level.

Tier 1 - Silver

  • 0-9 Referral Orders Made Monthly 
  • 10% Point Commission on sales that use your referral link
  • Welcome Package from BeautyFit

Tier 2 - Gold

  • 10-24 Referral Orders Made Monthly
  • 15% Point Commission & 10% Cash Commission on sales that use your referral link

Tier 3 - Platinum

  • 25-49 Referral Orders Made Monthly 
  • 15% Cash Commission on sales using your referral link

Tier 4- Team BeautyFit

* Contract w/ Salary may be offered.


Determining your Level

As you progress through the program, you will receive an email within the first week of the month letting you know what level you have been promoted to and the benefits you have unlocked.

Your level in the program is determined by how much successful referral orders have been made via your referral link. You can track your referral orders in your portal here:

How Are Referrals Tracked?

Your referral orders will be tracked through your referral link or referral discount code

-Your referral link looks like this: (this is an example)

To ensure that you get credit for referring your friends be sure that they go through your link anytime they want to make a purchase.

There is no need for discount codes as the website always offer some form of discount to your followers.


Ambassador Platform

BeautyFit uses BrandChamp for the ambassador program and every ambassador will have their own individual account.

Check out this link for a walkthrough of your account:

General Overview of Platform

Activity List

To earn rewards like free products, you’ll need to complete activities like posting about BeautyFit on social media or creating a story. Please see the activity list in your portal and be sure to visit frequently to see the newest ways to earn easy points:

Rewards Catalog

After your submitted activities are approved by BeautyFit you will receive an email letting you know that you have successfully earned your points. To cash in your points please see the BeautyFit reward catalog here:

Referral Link and Shareable Discount Code

To review the details of your referral link please visit this page here:

Terms & Conditions

Please familiarize yourself with BeautyFit’s terms and conditions for participating in this program here:


Ambassadors may contact BeautyFit support by emailing the following address: