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Thank you

What I needed.


Product works great! I have more energy and feel less hungry ❤️

Safe and effective supplement

I am very pleased with BeautyRetic. Most water reduction supplements use caffeine and the ingredients in this one are the BEST I have found! I love Beautyfit products because they are safe to take all of them and not negatively affect you.


Very happy with this product! Will reorder.

Nice Surprise.

I have tried almost every lotion to help me with my cellulite. I eat healthy and exercise daily and could not rid of this bumpy skin. I have given up until one of my friends at work mentioned this product to me and I should give it a try. She said the company has been in business for a very long time and has reputable products. To my surprise this product works for me. I've been using it for 3 weeks and i'm starting to see my skin clearing.

Over eating

Although my progress in losing weight, started with a new mind-set, just like the past 15 attempts to trim down.... this time I have been able to maintain my new healthier eating plan and completely resist those binge moments, when bored or late at night.
I did not hold too much hope, as I've tried all sorts of diets, but it's true, it is all about mind over matter and these pills aid that process, by knocking back sugar cravings and feeling full.


I’m the type of person that has no patience for products that don’t deliver what they claim in a reasonably short period of time, these products do everything they claim. (Impressive)


This gives me sooo much energy with out the jitters! It also pushes me to go longer on my work outs and i just feel good all around.
I'll definitely be ordering another bottle!

ONYX Extreme Fat Burner

I feel like I could fly when I take this stuff. I love it the energy is amazing highly recommended!!


I love the way it leaves your skin so soft!

Excellent slender weight loss works and is really good for managing weight and belly fat slender weight loss is the best product I’ve brought and ever tried

Kick start your metabolism into overdrive even after 40

I have been using this product for the past year and after a year on it..I successfully lost and got leaner less 35 pounds. Definitely helped me get down to my high school weight of 125. You will not regret trying this product. No shakes, no jitters...just lean clean weight loss.

Great energy!

I love these pills! It gives me great energy and curves my appetites without the crash.

Flat Belly Bundle
Tonya White
Flat Belly

I have been using this product for a little less than a month and my belly is getting flatter. It seems that this product is actually working I will continue to use it.

Lost 4 kilos

I started taking this product 6 weeks ago. I'm on my second bottle and I have lost 4 kilos. It has definitely helped me stabilize my sugar cravings. I'm a fan.

Loyal Customer

Great company and this is a excellent product. I just reordered for the 3rd time.

BeautySlender® Stimulant Free

Fantastic Bundle

This bundle is fantastic it includes both Onyx and the Beauty Bum cream both of which i am using in the lead up to my modelling competition. Great quality and super quick shipping. my good to bundle

The best!

Is the by far the best one I have tried in the last year.

Loyal Customer

I love the product and have experienced amazing results. I'm disappointed they don't have as many scents to pick from as they did in the past. :(


I use it everyday and love it. I started see results after 2 weeks like this company has stated.

Great Product!

Definitely works!

Just started

Seems to be working. Can see decrease in stomach fat and love handles. Hadn’t been on it a month but try to take it at least twice a day with meals.

Maximum weight loss beauty slender capsules

I havent noticed a change in my weight but they do help keep me fuller for longer

Protein powder

This is the best protein powder I have ever tasted and it gives you all u need as a protein powder