Can You Train With Someone With Different Goals?

Can You Train With Someone With Different Goals?

Hi Beauties!

What a better way to combat lack of motivation then to grab a partner! However, what if your partner doesn’t have the same goals? What if you are trying to lean down, but they are trying to bulk up? Can you still train together?

Essentially the answer is absolutely! I am a Bikini Pro; My husband is a Bodybuilding Pro; there is no way we could possibly workout together, right? WRONG! My husband and I have been training together for well over 6 years. That is our time. No matter what is happening during the day, in our lives, we train together. With that said, how could that be possible? We obviously have drastically different goals, not even addressing the issue that has a man and I’m a woman!

Ultimately, weight lifting DOES NOT make you bulky; Fat makes you bulky. Everyone, man or woman, should lift weights. Muscle burns more calories all day long; The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, the leaner you are! The problem arises when you build muscle but do not lose the fat… this all comes down to your diet. I’m proud of you for getting that workout in, but, just because you freaking killed it in the gym doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. You have to eat to fuel your body and achieve the desired goals. If you want to lose weight or slim down, you can’t eat in a surplus; plain and simple.

Now that we’ve covered that, here are my tips for training with your soulmate or anyone that has different goals:

  • Add Plyos – while my husband picks up those really big boy weights, I put some resistance bands on and jump around. Jump squats, banded pushups, kickbacks anything to keep up my heart rate.
  • Focus On How You Will Achieve Your Goal – Your partner can do 8-10 reps. Doesn’t mean you have to. Do 20-25; do 15-20; do the number of reps that YOU need to do to get the results YOU’RE looking for.
  • Do Cardio Or Don’t – my husband has to do cardio post workout… I don’t really need to… Sometimes I do it anyway, and just eat a little more; sometimes ill train a body part that needs improvement a little more while he gets his sweat on.
  • Have Fun- my MOST important tip is to have fun and enjoy your training. I find that when you love what you’re doing, results just come.

In conclusion, grab your hubby, buddy, anyone you want and go get it!

Til next time beauties :)