Fight the flu with chocolate?

It’s February ladies!!!! Whether you are single, taken, or in a committed relationship with BeautyFit ☺ I can almost guarantee we will all celebrate Valentines with a little chocolate or two; maybe 5, 6, or 10 but who’s really counting. Not like we really needed it, but I am going to give you one more reason to go ahead and reach for that dark, delicious morsel.

Surprisingly, we are still in the midst’s of cold and flu season. Who’s been hit with this terrible pain in the bum? I know I have, and hard too. The coughing, the congestion, the sheer horror of it all, why must this happen?! What’s the best way to deal with the uncontrollable nagging, lingering cough?

Well beauties, the answer may just be chocolate!

In a recent study in England, researchers found that a chocolate based medicine call “rococo” may actually work BETTER than normal cough medicine. A equally divided group of individuals complaining of a severe cough were both given your typical cough medicine and Rococo. The group with the chocolate reported a “significant improvement” in symptoms within 2 days, while the medicated group reported none.

Essentially, I know you are waiting for the big let down here, but I don’t have one!!! The simple answer is YES! Research shows that sucking on a piece of chocolate can help to significantly reduce a cough! The best dosage? A pure piece of 100% dark chocolate placed in your mouth for 1-2 minutes. The longer the chocolate is in contact with your throat the better!

Happy Valentine’s day Beauties and happy cough suppressing!!!