You don’t have to follow me or my husband long on social media to know that we LOVE sushi and have even coined #sushiSunday because that’s our day to relax and enjoy a meal out together even if in contest prep. So I get many messages asking about what I ordered or what Allen ordered and so I thought, let me put all our tips here in one place.

If you are tracking macros, then the first question is how do you track sushi? First off, anytime that you are eating out, its going to be a guesstimate. So the numbers that I am going to give you are for reference and will not be exact because you are not weighing the food or preparing yourself. This is just meant to give suggestion.

I have found that I can enjoy sushi without guilt on a high fat/low carb day or a high carb/low fat day! Just like any other restaurant where you are trying to stay health conscious, you have to be willing to make special requests and this should not pose a problem at all. I ask for sauces on the side so that I can just use as a dipping sauce.

My favorites are teriyaki, sweet eel, and ponzu. First off, I usually start with a salad… either the house salad with a mango type dressing or the seaweed salad.

Seaweed Salad: 45 Calories - Fat 4 / Carbs 4 / Protein 1

High Fat/Low Carb Day:

  • Seaweed Salad Fat 4 / Carbs 4 / Protein 1
  • Naruto Roll (wrapped in cucumber) – mixed with tuna and salmon Fat 4 / Carbs 4 / Protein 13
  • Sashimi (just fish without rice) – 2 pieces of salmon Fat 5 / Carbs 0 / Protein 6-8 (protein I will guestimate on the thickness of the slices)

Total: Fat 13 / Carbs 8 / Protein 20-22 (depending on my macros and appetite, I may have 2 orders of sashimi)

High Carb/Low Fat Day:

I ask for no avocado in my rolls :)

  • Seaweed Salad Fat 4 / Carbs 4 / Protein 1
  • Rainbow Roll (very common at most places) Fat 2 / Carbs 50 / Protein 20 (again this is without avocado and sauce on the side)
  • Sashimi- 2 pieces of tuna Fat 0 / Carbs 0 / Protein 8

Total: Fat 6 / Carbs 54 / Protein 29

Other Useful Tips:

  • Most sashimi is going to have 3-4 grams of protein per piece
  • Most nigiri is going to have the same amount of protein with 8 grams of carbs
  • Here are some common favorites:
    • Spicy Tuna Toll (6 pieces) Fat 8 / Carbs 40 / Protein 18
    • California Roll (6 pieces) Fat 4 / Carbs 50 / Protein 8
  • Enjoy some hot green tea to curb appetite or as a dessert

If it’s a cheat meal, then relax and order what you want with the sauces and all the extras and enjoy your meal! Hope this helps!

Until next time, stay BeautyStrong!