New Perspective

New Perspective

As we go into a New Year, it always comes with excitement for a fresh start. I love to take this time to reflect. I know so many of us focus on the physical goals but I really want to encourage you to take this time to look at ways that you can approach this coming year with a mindset makeover instead of losing x amount of weight. When you can be open minded about the following suggestions and better yet put them to practice, I guarantee you will feel lighter regardless of what the scale says!

  1. Focus on being more open this year. Live your life in a way that you are accepting and nonjudgmental of others. Try to see those people that have been difficult for you to accept or maybe even felt wronged by and look at them through a fresh lens; a loving lens. Give forgiveness freely even when it is not deserved. This will set your mind free. Your soul deserves it.
  2. Pay more attention to negative feelings and negative thoughts. Immediately replace those feelings with positive ones. As I like to tell my clients and as Joel Osteen says, “hit the delete button”. Gift yourself with loving self-talk even if you don’t believe what you are telling yourself yet. If you tell yourself enough times, you’ll start to believe it.
  3. Bring more joy and laughter into your everyday life. Everyone deserves an abundance of joy and love in their lives. I have written a blog on gratitude previously but that is one simple way to cultivate more happiness. By just taking the time to slow down and look around at all the wonderful things in life can do wonders for your spirit. We are all busy and that’s part of the problem! We have forgotten to put our phones down, work less, and become un-busy.
  4. Create spaces in your home and work that bring more peace for you and make you smile. Maybe a surprising suggestion but I think it makes sense here and ties all 3 previous suggestions together. If you surround yourself with things that bring your calmness, you are able to be more loving and open. You will be more mindful of your self-talk. You don’t want to be surrounded by physical clutter as this can certainly carry over into chaos in your mind. I encourage you to get that pretty 2018 planner, a fancy coffee cup that makes you smile, a cozy throw blanket that you can’t wait to cuddle with, and whatever else that is beautiful that soothes you. Call me crazy but I know that it works for me! Being in a space that makes you feel safe and supported can get you closer to your goals.

Take the time to think about what would make this year different for you. What would make this life more beautiful?

I wish you the warmest of New Years and sincerely hope that something resonates with you.

Be Beautiful. Be You.

XOXO~ Nicole Cress