Own your Attitude!

Hi Beauties!

I hope you are enjoying your day! I wanted to ask you (or remind you☺) today to take some internal time to reassess and do a self-check. How have you been feeling lately? Energized or moody? Sluggish or ready to attack your to-do list? Use today to take a moment and reprioritize…what is truly important to you in your life today, right now? Are you making time to do something for these things each day? Have you really taken a hard look at your short and long-term goals?

This doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task—it could be as simple as making sure to take your fish oil and multivitamin, and meet your hydration goals. Or maybe it’s making sure to include more veggies into each of your meals. And of course, I hope it includes some exercise in there!!!

Maybe you also have some other goals, such as working on a blog or writing in your journal or making a better effort to keep in touch with distant friends or family.

Whatever keeps you ticking and moving towards your goals, do something small each day to move towards these things.

Don’t make it overwhelming, and keep it in perspective. Being your best you is something I am always saying, and this is different for every person. While every day cannot be perfect, and some days we all have ruts, it is your responsibility to make choices that can turn those emotions around, and promote physical and mental wellness.

No one else is responsible for your choices and attitude, and I find that negativity is often a cry for more love, and most often times from yourself! --- something to think about…

Here are some important red flags to help you recognize negativity creeping its way in:

  • Filtering: Magnifying negatives aspects of a positive situation, comment, event, etc. and filter out the positives.
  • Personalizing: Something bad or unfortunate happens, and you immediately blame yourself.
  • Catastrophizing: You automatically assume the worst in all situations. Polarizing: You see things as only good or bad—you do not have a middle ground and therefore see perfectionism as the only option, or otherwise you have failed.

Okay, so if you identify with some of these “red flags” here are some simple strategies you can begin to work on and remember, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT! These things take time to improve on and incorporate, so just being aware and looking to assess and change is the best first step!

  1. Identify areas to change: write down some areas of your life that you regularly feel negative or anxious about, and work on infusing a small positive thought or action into that area each day.
  2. Check yourself: our brain is processing thoughts at such a rapid pace, our consciousness often does not even keep up with it! Take a few moments periodically throughout the day and look at your thoughts as if they are separate and outside of yourself; how do they sound? How do they feel? Would you speak to others this way? This is a good way to remind yourself to push these thoughts out with some optimism. It may even feel forced at first, but the habit will build and infiltrate.
  3. Seek humor: give yourself permission to smile or laugh; studies indicate these physical actions will affect your stream of consciousness as well. It may be as simple as smiling at a cute, furry puppy taking a walk in front of your house, being a bit silly and goofy with your partner or friends, but this changes the energy in your body and reminds you not take life so seriously all time.
  4. Watch out for toxic surroundings, including people: when you spend a lot of time with someone, it is easy to feel their moods, energy, and vibrations. If you are constantly surrounded by people who complain, talk about others, or do not seek to find solutions to problems, this can and will wear off on you! Surround yourself with those who are energized, take care of themselves, engage in talk and activities that promote solutions and positivity, and you will feel lighter and brighter!
  5. Exercise and nutrition properly: of course you knew this would be in here, but studies, along with our physiology, do not lie! Exercise releases important neurotransmitters which improve mood and work to decrease anxiety and depression. Exercise will help to improve your daily energy and confidence, which will help you to better tackle stressful situations in life. Nutrition will aid in all of these things as well, along with keeping your organs healthy, and your mind and body free from unnecessary chemicals, toxins, and free radicals…nasty little things that love to feed on feeling the blahs!

And remember, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT, but you do have to try each day to take responsibility for your health and overall wellbeing so that you can enjoy life and all those you keep in it!

Stay BeautyFit Strong!

Yours in health and fitness,

Lindsay Kent