Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Welcome back beauties!

Are you working day in and day out trying to reach those physique goals? Have you found yourself at a standstill, even though you are working your hardest! DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! It happens to A LOT of us; There comes a time when you will plateau, and sometimes it takes changing a few things to get through it, and other times you might be unknowingly sabotaging yourself.

Here are some pitfalls you may be plunging down, without even knowing!

You’re Not eating enough

Sometimes it not as simple as burn more calories than you are eating. The overall goal with exercise and dieting is to increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. If you are not properly fueling your body, with the right nutrients and enough, it eventually will just shut down.

Here are some easy steps:

  • Eat consistently throughout the day so your body knows it’s going to be refueling and does not store calories
  • Eat small meals. When you eat small meals throughout the day, you tend to not over eat because you know you will be eating again soon.

You can NOT out train a bad diet

Your workout is 1-2 hrs. a day; there are 23 more hours in the day that you are putting things in your body! If you eat an entire cake by yourself it would take upwards of 2 days of continuous running to burn off JUST THOSE CALORIES!

Too many “diet hacks” and “no calorie” foods

If you want to achieve certain goals, at some point, you WILL be uncomfortable. Do not get sucked into the “low calorie” or “no calorie” food. Usually, a serving size is a very small amount; less than a normal person would probably use. Rather than 5 calories, now your “flavor” you are adding actually is 100 calories! And you are using it 4x a day!!!

Along this point, how can something have zero calories? CHEMICALS

Have you ever stopped to think what those chemicals are doing to your body? Just for argument sake, let’s say it actually does have zero calories. All of those ingredients that you can’t pronounce, they are wreaking havoc on your digestive track. If you are dieting, there are going to be times you are hungry; there are going to be times your food is not want you want. Keep in mind those feelings will pass and the feeling of accomplishing something you have put your mind to will be even more satisfying.

Not drinking enough water

Hydration is SO IMPORTANT! It is essential for digestion (if you haven’t noticed digestion is KEY in making sure your body is processing and metabolizing efficiently), and also satiety. You may not actually be hungry. When your body is dehydrated you can easily misread those sighs for hunger.

Ultimately, Nothing is worse than working your hardest and not seeing the results you deserve. These small little mistakes can be sabotaging your diet; the good news, they all have easy fixes!

Keep striving to be your best beauties and I will see you next time!