Raise Your Vibe

In today's world, many of us are running on fumes and that’s just our norm for our busy lives. I really encourage women to take the time to develop daily habits that leads to more energy and productivity… call it “raising your vibe” if you will. There is no denying that deep down we all want to look and feel our best!

Nikola Tesla brought the theory that all matter, including human beings, is vibrational energy.

Most of us don’t understand how high or low vibes can positively or adversely affect our health and wellness.There are some simple ways that I like to do this daily and hope that you will give them a try!

  1. Enjoy a Green Smoothie Daily! Most often this how I start my day.
    Here is a quick simple green smoothie recipe:
    • Fill Blender 1/3 with water
    • Add 1 scoop of BeautyFit BeautyWhey (I like Sexy Strawberry or Bombshell Banana with my greens)
    • 2 handfuls of leafy greens
    • Add ½ cup of berries (blueberries, strawberries or raspberries are my go-to)
    • Add a few ice cubes
    This will leave you satisfied and energized because its chock full of nutrients.
    *Bonus* Also enjoy a serving of a Green juice during the day to further boost your vibration. You can also enjoy a serving of BeautyFit BeautyGreens.
  2. Get Outside! I know this winter has been LONG. Whenever you can, get natural Vit D from the sun and while you are at it, get your feet in the grass. Ever heard of grounding? Go barefoot and walk on the earth for 10 mins daily to recharge.
  3. Use Quality Essential Oils! Did you know that essential oils carry the highest vibration of any substance on Earth? (even higher than positive thoughts!) It would only make sense to use high-quality essential oils in your regimen if you are eating high vibe green plants. Essential oils provide grounding emotional balance, hormonal support and many other benefits including aromatherapy. Do your homework and know what is in your essential oils.

“A substance with a higher frequency can cause the vibration of a substance with a lower frequency to increase.” – Robyn Openshaw

Tune in to how you feel. Remember that a high vibration life is calm, steady and energized- not frantic like a highly stimulated energy. Here’s to living a high vibe life!

XOXO ~ Nicole Cress