Tricks & Tips To Satisfy Cravings

Tricks & Tips To Satisfy Cravings

Are you hungry?

Alright beauties, so summer is just around the corner; Who isn’t trying to get in bikini shape? Nobody wants to feel bad about themselves while Chilin by the pool. Well, first off, YOU ARE FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL, and LOOKING HOT! With that said, a lot of people are dieting a little harder, training a little more intense and kicking it all up a notch to get that summer body.

No matter who you are, how many times you’ve dieted, experienced fitness enthusiast or just getting started, we all struggle with cravings at some point.

Here are a few little tips and tricks to help curb hunger and satisfy cravings, try these while you decide if you are actually hungry:

  1. Brush your teeth or chew gum. Having a minty fresh mouth will discourage you from mindlessly eating.
  2. Drink seltzer water or All-natural diet soda. I really enjoy drinking seltzer water with a little stevia, Diet Hansen soda or Zevia that are colorless stevia sweetened diet sodas. The carbonation creates a sense of fullness.
  3. Mix 1 scoop BeautyRecover. Not only does BeautyRecover BCAAs replenish your body and muscles, but it also helps curb your appetite and satisfy a sweet craving with its delicious flavor!
    PRO TIP: Combine steps 2 & 3; toss a scoop of BeautyRecover in your carbonated drink… Pour into a fancy glass and really make it special.
  4. Snack on sliced cucumber with stevia sprinkled on top. An entire cucumber is roughly 10cal and, as weird as it sounds, it tastes kind of like watermelon! Makes a perfect summer snack
  5. Try a Bambody Nutrition treat! These treats are super low calorie, low carb and sugar free and will satisfy any sweet craving you have as well as keep hunger at bay. Available at
  6. When was the last time you ate? Maybe you are actually hungry! Everyone is different, however, you should be eating every 2-4 hrs. to keep your metabolism going and keep hunger from becoming too severe.
  7. Drink coffee or hot tea. Whether it’s a sweet craving I have or just kind of feel like I want to eat more I drink a cup of coffee or, at night, decaf tea with a little stevia (I really love stevia if you can’t tell) and then the hunger is eased.

Ultimately, sticking to a healthy diet can be challenging sometimes. If you are maintaining a healthy nutrition plan, sometimes our minds get bored and we turn to eating in order to occupy our minds.

Try these tips next time a “not actually hunger” hits and meet your summer goals.

Till next time beauties!